Sunday, January 14, 2018

Feeling lazy

After our day trip yesterday I am feeling lazy...still in my pj's at 11 am...... we went to Booneville to check out another old Singer and its table. The machine was not really what we wanted. The table was. As soon as I can I will post pictures...yes, we bought them!
Then it was off to Rocheporte which is where I-70 crosses the Missouri River mid-state... and where the Les Bourgeois winery is!  Tasted and bought 6 bottles... 10% off with purchase of 6!!
Then headed home with a stop in Grain Valley's Brass Armadillo... 15% off sale. Not lucky this time.

While feeling lazy I have been reading blogs and wondering how so many manage to be frugal food shopping. I see so many recipes online ( facebook...e-mails) and am tempted to try them... but that means buying the ingredients which are not always "frugal"....

Made myself feel guilty so I am now dressed etc..... 
 Here are pictures of the table... it's a Singer 74 ( if you really want to know).

Yes... it needs work.... the top and inside work surfaces really have had hard use. The table is really different from most of them. The opening for the machine is canted and the top opens on the same angle. It is supposed to make your sewing so much more efficient. We'll see.  The Singer inside is a 15-91 and will take work. I think I will put another machine, one I use regularly, in this one when DH has touched it up!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Up and running again

Just after my last posting my computer went belly up. Luckily we had advance warnings and so downloaded my files to a secondary hard drive.... but that meant no time on the computer until DH decided on a new one and then set it up.
I am learning slowly all the new computer's ins and outs and DH has added all my files from the secondary hard drive ( sort of like a huge flash drive).

I did go back to the estate sale and same home with MORE little Steiffs...

The large rabbit is not mohair and quite new but it is so cute and soft I coulsn't resist. The baby elephant from my first trip is still my favorite!!