Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Merlot is headed for Singapore... my bears are traveling much more that I am or have done!!
He even has his own passport!!

I have another bear headed for the UK but she is a birthday present so I can't add her picture!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Putting away the bear Christmas accessories


Penelope in a vintage hankie dress

Charles the chef making Valentine cookies
So many of my bears were dressed for the holidays...
some went to new homes but some did not. So these three
changed their outfits!
All are available on BearPile 

Pat is headed for Austria !

Monday, January 20, 2014

How about Jonesie ?

This is Jonesie with his clutchball.... which can be used for a pincushion!

We went to see  the movie "Saving Mr. Banks" yesterday. It stars Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks.  We all enjoyed it very much. It is definitely worth a looksee... though we were unaware of how early in the schedule that a movie becomes full price. We usually go earlier  in the day so having a movie become full price at 4.20 pm was a shock ... $10.50 each !!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Freddie and his Valentine candy

I used an unusual piece of  dark charcoal gray matted mohair with a red backing for Freddie....His candy was made from polymer resin to fit in this Whitman's sampler Valentine tin. The candy loooks pretty realistic... but  really hard on one's teeth. Better not take a bite!!

Looks like Freddie will be off to Colorado!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

quiet time? Think not!!

I thought that this would be a quiet time... just me and my bears. But... no. All sorts of interesting classes have popped up. Not only for the grandchildren but for me too. Lili will be taking  a fiber class which starts using a large circular loom. The loom reminds me of the spools with 4 nails that I used to use. Her loom has lots of "nails" it will be interesting to see what they make with it. Dominic is taking a beginning class on food prep... run by the chef from a local grocery store.  Both these classes are offered through my local parks and Rec !!
Now as for me... well I am taking "make a tote" from an old pair of jeans. This will be at one of my local libraries. Then I am taking a fused glass pendant class and possibly a glass bead necklace class offered at a local new "crafter's" store.
So we should all be occupied with "new" things this winter!!
BTW... still lots of bear time and bear friend time here!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

more bears... and cold weather

We have had some really really cold weather .... as low as -5 F overnight. Which means staying home and working. But the cold weather leaves my arthritic joints aching... especially my hands. I have finished some sewing

Albert and his cheese kit box

Cerise - hand-dyed Alpaca

and do have some more bears in the works! 
It looks like this weekend will be warm enough to take down the Christmas lights I have a neighbor who leaves his lights on the house up all year and has them on at night. At Christmas time he adds lights to the bushes  and trees.  I like my lights but can't really see leaving them up all year!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

more mohair and an updated bear

Facebook has become a great place to buy mohair!! Bear artists/makers are de-stashing right and left!! I have two online bear shows coming up later this winter and in the Spring... so the opportunities to get some new mohair colors and textures was irresistible. Now I just have to wait for the "stuff" to arrive!   Maybe I should go through my supplies and see if there is mohair I no longer want!! There bound to be artists who will
I have been thinking about re-accessorizing some of my holiday themed bears and friends... so that's my current "to do" list.... followed by new bears  for the online shows. This one is Abby the anime rabbit. She "finished" her carrot candy canes and has taken the wheelbarrow out for more carrots!