Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Restored qult

Thirty plus years ago my Mother-in-law made my youngest a tied quilt using redwork squares I bought at an estate sale in Rochester, NY.   When I washed it ( the last time) the batting became all matted and nasty. I put it away and we forgot about it for  YEARS!!  At least 20 years.  I came across it earlier this year and decided to take it apart and see what could be done with it.   Then I washed the fabric... ironed it etc..... and took it to a friend who quilts for a living. 
Denise and I saw that there wasn't enough backing fabric for a standard quilt so she sewed the backing to light blue fabric... added new batting... machine quilted the whole thing and added binding in the same fabric as she used on the backing....
So now my daughter has her Grandmother's present back.... Can't wait to give it to her.... she had no idea this was in the works!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

stripping wallpaper

My son has plans for his kitchen/ dining  area.... He wants to add a combination of cupboards and serving buffet... but first the wallpaper and chair rails have to go. So that's what we did this afternoon. There have been times when stripping wallpaper was the chore from hell... but not this time!! The surface layer came off easily and with a little spraying with water the bottom layer is gone too!  He will get some wallpaper glue remover and fill  any holes . Then prime and paint.  He wants to add two sconces above the serving buffet. So adding electricity will be next weekends task!! Good thing  they know how!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Max and his time machine

Max... and his time machine... is in the September 2016 issue of "Teddy Bear and Friends"!!!  And will be heading for Hawaii and his new home tomorrow.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Busy busy weekend....

This is a busy busy weekend!!  I have been working on my items for the next online bear show... and struggling with not being able to upload pictures from this computer to my weebly website. We did everything the chat person suggested and still no downloading.  Bob finally gave up. Luckily we have another computer... one with Windows 10 not XP and I can upload from that!!  Bob decided that there must have been some software change and now that XP isn't supported... no uploading.  It is a "pain" but the two computers do network so it is not as much of a pain as it could be!
On a more fun note.... Today is my youngest's birthday.  I remember hearing fireworks go off while I was in the hospital!  Still hearing them here!! So birthday dinner and then a few fireworks for the grandkids.  More fireworks tomorrow from "official" sites!!

Then.. another birthday next weekend. Lili will be 14... unbelievable!!

Short respite... and then two more birthdays! My middle child and her husband!!

July full of birthdays!!!