Friday, June 23, 2017

Busy busy week...

Our son is on what QuikTrip calls a sabbatical. He's worked for them for 25 years and so gets a paid one month vacation. He assembled a bucket list of things he wants to get done ( after going to Biloxi and meeting up with friends for a weekend).
This is the first thing....
A wall of storage units from IKEA.... Getting everything to his house from the store was a project in itself. Except for the butcher block counter top ... it is done. My husband and son are pooped! IKEA instructions are non-verbal and cryptically graphic!! And cover more than one version at a time. Making things more difficult!  But we all think it looks great and will be very handy. The butcher block counter top will be where the crock pots simmer away and serving done. There will be electricity!!

The next project was one Lili ( my grand daughter) and I accomplished... the front beds. We trimmed the bushes, weeded, trimmed the beech tree and so on.... The final touch was loads of black mulch. Luckily Lowe's put it on sale the day we  finished!!
Lili's uncle made a financial contribution to his niece.... teenagers always need money.  Lili has a return work day this fall.
BTW... black mulch leaves one's hands black ( washable) and one's nails grungy gray. Soap doesn't help!!

The rest of the list is more "fun"....

I have been getting ready for this show....

Fuzzy Frenzy starts Sunday at 11 am Eastern ... Here is the


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Prim Folk Fest ... W Des Moines Iowa

The Prim Folk fest is this Saturday ,,,,  It is being held in the Decades Event Venue in West Des Moines, Iowa.  I am expecting to see chain saw carving.... lots of bears.... steam punk items... prim things and so on!!  It should be fun.
   Actual, physical, shows are getting fewer and fewer in the MidWest so I am looking forward to reconnecting with other artists and vendors.  And looking forward to hearing what collectors have to say!
    I have been knitting up a storm... lots of little sweaters made from leftover sock yard.  Here is Thomas wearing a sweater and beret surrounded by more sweaters!

The balls of leftover yarn aren't really enough for large sweaters... I have combined yarns for some. When I run out.... that won't happen for awhile ... I will buy yarn and knit sweaters for bigger bears or bear friends!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summertime busy-ness

Bob and I and our daughter and granddaughter signed up for a wheel throwing class!! We signed up through UMKC  ( Univ of Missouri Kansas City) but the Kansas City Clay Guild does the classes.
We went to our first class last night and all tried making our first pots... What we made weren't save-able but are trying to master centering the clay and opening it up.... Fun!! I came home the dirtiest of us all!!
Next week we go again and I will try to get a few pictures.

Still working on getting things ready for The Prim Folk Fest and the online Furry Frenzy shows. Looking forward to both

Bob and I are going to Des Moines the day before The Prim Folk Fest  show's sale day.... usually we do Des Moines in a one day driving extravaganza, but not this time. We have plans for some antique-ing etc.  So no leaving here at 4am on the show day... doing the show... and getting home by 7 pm... hooray!!

After these shows, my son has some "tasks" he wants help doing during his "vacation"...