Sunday, September 24, 2017


I have been luxuriating in the revival of the dishwasher.... no more dishes in the counter waiting to be washed ( now tucked neatly into the machine waiting for a full load) ... no more racks of drying dishes ...and so on!!
Hip hip Hooray for Bob's repair abilities ! He is an electrician, plumber, painter, plaster repairer etc. I have even loaned him out to friends whose husbands aren't as talented!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fixed... at long last

Our 2 1/2 year old dishwasher sprung a leak where the pump attaches underneath .... after only 30 months!!!  A new one would cost more than we wanted to spend as would a service call plus parts to fix it.....Yuck!!  Bob found the right pump  ( $190.00) and ordered it.... It sat in its box "like forever".  And we washed dishes by hand.
Today the slight nagging finally worked and he struggled all day to put the new pump in. He undid everything and pulled the "machine" out of its hole and in the course of things turned the dishwasher up side down etc.  He had watched the YouTube video on replacing the pump many times but the "videographer" left some essential steps out!!
However by the end of the afternoon Bob managed to get around the missing directions and THEN put everything back together!! We ran an empty load.... no leaks!!  Hooray!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

what happens with a new router

Well... this day didn't turn out like we expected!!  The wi-fi router bit the dust.  AT&T decided we needed a service person not  a new router.  We don't know what the telephone person thought the problem was... evidently he/she didn't think sending a new router was the answer.  Luckily the service person did!  He actually installed it...
Then Bob's work began.... having to change all the devices to the new Wi-Fi network and change the passwords..... that meant two Kindles, three computers, a chromebook, 2 smartphones, the TV and the XBox ... and then the printers.  All easier "said then done" with the new long complicated password!!  At long last it looks like we are all updated!!
Boy do we have a lot of stuff...

In between all that I have been working on winter-time accessories for my bears and friends. Things like hooded jackets, Santa hats, Christmas stockings, polymer resin candy canes and cookies and so on. Kind of fun!
I have three shows coming up .... Prim Folk Fest in DesMoines,  Bright Star's online  Holidays Stars and the Kansas City Local Exposure.  Getting ready should keep me out of trouble!!  LOL