Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sale in my etsy shop

I decided to offer a 10% off coupon code !!! It will expire on New Year's Eve....a way to end 2015!
The code is:   POSTCHRISTMASSALE201  (not enough room for 2015 !!  lol)

Here is the link to my etsy shop

The grandchildren and my daughter- the teacher passed on their version of the plague on Christmas... so I have been stuck hacking and coughing and playing with the computer and Kindle Fire.
Hope you all had a great Holiday season ( no matter which you celebrate).

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Closer and closer

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas.... sometimes time flies and sometimes it just plain drags! The tree is up and decorated... A friend made me many many crocheted and stiffened snowflakes for Christmas and they look wonderful on the tree.  I try to find one or two new ornaments every year .. not always new, sometimes vintage. But these snowflakes are this year's new ones!!!

A few weeks ago my husband, son and I went on the KC Clay Guild's annual studios hop. We try to visit different ones each year. One of the ones we visited was the Machiko Erhard Ceramics Studio . She was having a raffle so of course I add my name to the slips  and , low and behold, I won !!
My piece came in the mail this morning. it is a small pitcher or creamer... heavy off-white glaze with the design cut into the glaze and then color added.  I love it!!  Machiko grew up on a farm and a lot of her other designs reflect that with farm animals etc.

The 7 am USPS postal delivery also included a box from my sister-in-law down in South Carolina!!  She had made a rocking chair for my bears out of  clothespins!! My husband says the bears had a tussle to see who would sit in it first!!
For once my daughter's school system ( she teaches) went on Winter break before the grandchildren's school system ... so we are headed out to a "just the two of us lunch"....We are all so busy that that doesn't happen often enough!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Coming to an end....

I finished my bears for the  Bear Blitz  next Sunday and Monday.... and I think that I am done for 2015!!! Way back when I used to make about 300 bears a year.... but this year I made 130.  Not that I am unhappy with the smaller number,  we are "retired" and doing other things!!

I have seen some UTube videos that intrigue me... I'll be giving needle felting more of a go!!  There are more "home made" Christmas presents and cookies and candy to make!! 

My son and I have been experimenting with new recipes. Sunday's dinner will be roast leg of lamb with roasted Brussels sprouts with honey and balsamic vinegar ... maybe roasted baked potatoes too. 
There is a sheep farm less than 10 miles away.... Hi Ho Sheep ... that's where I ordered the lamb and it was delivered right to my door!!  Nicely frozen... boned and in one of those stretchy mesh bags.  It is thawing in the fridge right now!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bear Blitz

This is Brumley.... my lead bear for the Bear Blitz online show coming up December 13th.....  click on the right sidebar image. It opens at 11 am Eastern on Sunday and is just two days long.

Brumley is not very big... but there bigger ones on my page.... and smaller ones! A variety of sizes and colors ( yes! colors).

We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with loads of good food... and leftovers for everyone. The cold weather and rain didn't arrive until after Thanksgiving but it kept us at home for the weekend. Good thing we aren't the type to stand on line waiting for stores to open!! More like cyber shoppers and  "giving Tuesday" participants.
Have you noticed all the cookie recipes being emailed ....makes me  think about beginning to make all the Christmas cookies we love to eat!! We all have our favorites but I am looking for something new to add!!