Sunday, November 22, 2015


Thanks to all who went and took a look at the Teddies Worldwide online show!!!  I just finished packing up those who are going to new homes!!

It looks like I might have a little time off from working on bears and friends.... but , oh no! There is another show in about three weeks!  And Christmas presents to make and buy. Guess I will still be busy!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Another online show....

Well.... there was just enough time to mail packages from the Bright Star online show before the Teddies Worldwide online show began....! it has been a crazy week!!
The show opened at 4pm (Eastern) today and will run till 4pm Sunday ( Eastern).
I have quite a few new bears plus what the promoter calls gifts...
Here is the link

This is Kris.... my preview bear. he's off to a new home!!

This is Lorenzo the cat... he would LOVE a new home!!

Of course Thanksgiving is just a heartbeat away... tomorrow my son, husband and I go shopping for all the food!! He is hosting things in his house  but I get to take the turkey home to thaw!
Hope you all have a great " turkey day"!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bright Star's Holiday Stars online show

Bright Star's online show is going on this weekend..... it started Friday and will be going on till Monday. Lots of bears are gone but there are many others just waiting to go to new homes..
Here are a few of mine:
If you would like to go  to the show... here is the link


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Things going well..

My son is doing well..hooray!
I have been working while keeping an eye on things. We found a booklet of my mother-in-law's recipes on one of my son's bookshelves. We all remebered her date nut cookies so I made us all a batch!  Memories... they weren't as good as hers but pretty close.
I finished one of my really small bears and managed to keep everything but the fiberfill from Tigger ( the orange striped cat). ....but he didn't swallow any!! Now working on a bigger one. My husband and son are on the Xbox playing the new game!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

busy busy busy...

It seems like everything is just around the corner and time is running out!  We spent this morning waiting for our son to be sent home from out patient surgery on his knee. The whole morning was hurry up and wait...we waiting for  them to prep him... then waited with him for the surgeon... back to the waiting room for us... then off to consult with the surgeon after the surgery... back to the waiting room while our son "recovered"... then waited with him for post-op instructions... back to the waiting room till he could be released.. then off to the car to wait at the hospital's door till they could wheelchair him to the door and help him into the car!!!Oh well... thngs look good and he's home!

Plus Christmas and the three online shows are just around the corner....I have almost finished enough new bears for all the three shows and have a dent in my list of home made presents for my family and friends!!

I decided to pull my Mother-in-law's sewing machine out.... it is a black Singer 301A. I had given it a tune up before I put it away ( there is a wonderful local man who knows these old machines inside and out!) . My M-I-L insisted that I needed to learn to sew ( back in 1965) or at least sew better than what my home-ec class had taught me in junior  high. Learn I did and on this machine which still sews like a dream ! This machine is helping me turn out Christmas presents!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Turning Blue

Yesterday a half-million Kansas City area people celebrated the Royal's World Series win!! The area from where the parade started  ( Power and Light district) to where it ended ( Union Station) was a sea of blue wearing people.... traffic was gridlocked for hours... people were yealling ( good stuff).... signs were waving!!
Being somewhat chicken-like I watched it on TV....
So many of the Royal's games this year were so amazing.... the team played its heart out.... the fans were so involved!!
We've been fans since we moved to this area in 1983.... "let's go Royals"!!!