Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunday morning

Our grandchildren spent Saturday night at our house.  Their Mother  was a chaperone for the prom! She teaches Junior Advanced Placement English at a local high school. The prom was held at Arrowhead Stadium . Their Dad works nights.
After dinner Saturday night ( at Pizza Street) we went for a walk around one of Blue Springs little man-made lakes. People were fishing  and the kids started clamoring that they wanted to come back Sunday morning and fish! Grandpa said "no!"  But when Sunday morning rolled around, grandpa changed his mind! After getting all the poles and fishing equipment together... off we went!
Here's Lili casting... while Grandpa helps Dominic ready his fishing rod.
Here's Lili again...casting!

This is one of the wild redbud trees that Missouri seems to have so many of!  It is in full blooms!  

No one caught anything... I don't know what the grandkids would have done if they had!  We do advocate for a catch and release program!                 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teena the ballerina

Teena was going to have her debut on the upcoming online show.... but instead she is going off to the UK early!!
Lili helped me find ribbon etc. on a shopping jaunt and was happy with the final result.  She will be happy to hear that Teena will be headed to a new home in the UK!

Here's what her new "person" sent:
Now Bettina's done her magic
And made another mouse
This time this ones a dancer
And is going to dance her way to our house
Her name is Teena
She is a ballerina
She wears a little tutu
Ribbons and bows
And on her pretty feet
She has roses on her toes
Her cousins in the Mousehole
Can't wait till she arrives
I think they'll throw a party
Because she'll be number five

Friday, April 11, 2014

setting up page for online show

I have been accepted into Bright Star Promotions online spring show!!!  And have been working on the page where my bears and friends will be displayed!! The show will open Friday May 9th at 11 am and will run all weekend until 7 pm Monday May 12th !!  I will post the link closer to the show!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Country Mouse

The Country Mouse will be heading out to the UK shortly!!
Since he is over 6 inches tall... I'm not sure I'd want to find him either in the garden or my house!!
Lili decided his name is Henry the Country Mouse.... and he left this morning!

Here's what  The Country Mouse's new owner sent!!

The Country Mouse has packed his bags
He's on his way to the U K
He's coming to the shire of Hereford
Where he is going to stay
His new home is at Mousehole
Where all the mice there live
He'll be cared for with lots of attention
And plenty of love we give
So thank you Bettina
Your skills are very great
We love your mice so much
The next one we await.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Des Moines Doll and Bear Show

What a great show!! Our 4 am drive from Kansas City to Des Moines, Iowa was quick and uneventful. We watched the planet ( probably Venus) glow on the Eastern side!! It was cloudy enough that there were no stars but the planet glowed through no the less! There was a huge red sunrise just before 7 am!
We unpacked the bears and set up in one of the State Fairgrounds buildings. At 8 am the early birds started arriving. By 3 pm 13 bears or friends had found new homes... as did lots of needle felted eggs! Packing up to go home was so much easier!!!
Bob took pictures with my birthday Kindle Fire and as soon as we figure out how to do it.. I will post a table picture!!