Friday, June 29, 2012

Mr. Picky!

Every once in awhile I play around with scrapbooking using digital files. The inspiration, this time, was Dominic's trip to the local Chinese buffet restaurant where he fell in love with pickled octopus ! He ate the whole thing! And this is my super picky eater who won't eat casseroles, most sandwiches, potato salad and so on!  I do wish my son-in-law had gotten a better picture... only much fiddling and making it black and white let me make it usable for scrapping!
I have eaten octopus... tiny ones in paella (sp?) and I do like raw squid.... but can't imagine eating that THING! His Mother had to cover her eyes!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Sea Life" trip

Our grandchildren's report cards warranted a reward ( all A's and the kindergarten version of all A's - all 3's). We aren't ones for rewarding with money so we took them and their Mother to Kansas City's newly opened Sea Life. It's a small aquarium ( and there is a Legoland place next door) that has been fitted into the Hall's Department space in Crown Center.  It's pricey... but the kids really enjoyed it!  The "hands on area" went over especially well!  I think my grand daughter could have stayed much longer than her super active little brother was ready for!
We bought tickets online and were early so the kids had fun running through the fountains in the courtyard ... the water sprays high and low... and  off... so they had fun not getting wet!


Fountain Fun
Hands on area... star fish, shrimp, horseshoe crab, sea urchins, lobsters
                        Camera flashes aren't allowed.... so pictures turned out blurry!

The kids are rooting for Legoland as a reward for next year's reports cards....  but will we all be able to wait?