Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to relax ...Hannah is the result

After all the fetch and carrying I did down in Tulsa and the painting I did here in the KC area, I finally has a chance to relax! Hannah and her "quilt" are the result. She was made from vintage rayon... maybe someone's bedspread? Who knows. She tiny for me...4.5inches... and has some light enhancements around the eyes, ears and paws. She is cotter pin and disc jointed and weighted with steel shot.

I have a few more bears/friends in the works... if no one has more work for us!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Labor Days...

You'd would think that May was the month for Labor Day considering all we (my DH and I ) have been doing.... first we went to our son's in Tulsa and helped him repair his wooden side fence. The posts and supports had rotten and were in danger of collapsing. First take down the bad stuff... add some new support posts... many trips to Lowe's for more wood, concrete, deck screws...rebuild the fence. Then it was clean up time... cut up the rotten stuff for bagging and then find where to get rid of it all since we had way too much for the garbage men to take! Luckily Tulsa has a "transfer station" abut 6 miles away and all we had to do was load the SUV and lug it there and dump it off ( for a price!). Then my husband vacuumed over and over again to get rid of all the stowaway ants!!
Back home for one days rest and then to our daughter's to paint her kitchen and office, make screens for windows that didn't have them, hang shelves and finally put everything we'd moved back!!
So for us this hasn't been Memorial Day Weekend... but Labor Day Month!!
That's why the blog has been silent and no little bears or friends have been posted....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this morning's surprise

It really is delightful to log onto etsy and find one of your items is in a treasury! Today's treasury member is Genny and you can see the treasury here.

Even though the weather isn't as warm as one could wish for... it has been delightfully sunny. The herbs are planted as are the tomatoes and some flowers. The perennials such as iris are in full bloom and gorgeous as usual. When it comes to planting veggies, I could wish for more sunny spots but over the past 25plus years the trees have grown! When I google my address and look at the satellite view you can barely see the house! All tree tops! So I can't complain (much) because the trees keep the house cool and the deck shady; and during the hot hot days of Missouri's summer, cool shade is appreciated!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

blog tour winner

The Fedex guy left my prize on the front steps today....Hooray!! I "participated" in a blog tour which celebrated the printing of this fantastic book and I won.
The author is Amy Adams and I enjoy reading her blog.

Thanks Amy for writing the book and for giving me a chance to win a copy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gone before I could post...

Lily has headed out for Garland, Texas ... before I could even post her to my blog!! She was made from mohair that Alison McKee tie dyed ! Wonderful shades of red, orange and yellow. I used a dark pink Ultrasuede for her paw pads and inner ears.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what's new

Even though we have lots of outdoor tasks...... we have been power washing, scraping and painting our backdoor deck and the big deck ! We are almost done. We just have a second coat on the floors and hand rails to apply later today.... I can't stop making these little guys/girls. Somehow little pieces get sewn together in the evenings when the tv is on!
Meg is the latest.... she even has a little crocheted dress and matching hairband.

If the ground actually warms up enough, I will be adding annuals to my gardens! And tomatoes... basil.... peppers! I'd plant more, but in the 20plus years we've lived here, the trees have grown huge and we have SHADE. If I googlemap our house all I can see is the house roof and trees!