Sunday, January 31, 2010

An updated Chester's mushroom

I decided that you really couldn't see that Chester was using a mushroom for an umbrella... so I added some "stitching" .
Taking pictures of "small" ( 4 inches) needle felted mice is difficult for me but I am working on it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

new little guys

Here are some new little guys.... they are listed on my BearPile page.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One World One Heart 2010 Blog Giveaway

Here is the link to the "One World One Heart Giveaway"!!!

And Lisa is still accepting new blogs!! And will till February 8th. So if you haven't joined us... JOIN!

Last year's giveaway had over 900 participants... I wonder how many there will be this year... The starting date is January 25th, 2010 and it will end February 15th, 2010 ( for me) at 6pm Central Time.

All YOU need to do is post a comment by by 6pm CST February 15th, 2010...please make sure I can contact you by email if you are the winner. I will be using the random number generator. If I can't reach you, I will choose another winner.

My daughter h
as decided to join my blog giveaway!! So the #1 winner will receive my item and #2 winner will receive hers!! So two prizes for one comment...

The item I am giving away is a hedgehog with oak leaf and acorns pincushion. The hedgehog was made from gelled mohair fabric with an Ultrasuede face. He has German glass eyes and an embroidered with perle cotton thread nose. He is stuffed with polyester fiberfill and some steel shot for weight. The oak leaf was made from a felted wool sweater, outlined in blanket stitch. The acorns are real acorn caps with needle felted wool acorns.

The item my daughter has chosen for her part is this library bag with a wonderful machine appliqued front. Here's a closeup of the front! The bag measures 15 inches wide by 14 inches tall and the handle has a 16 inch drop. It is big enough for your biggest library book.
The material is heavy weight dark brown twill, lined with natural fabric, and includes an inner pocket (8x6) big enough for your library card and some change for the copier.
PS...I'll mail anywhere!

(For those who follow this blog, I had to delete two posts so that this one was on top!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Bear...

Lucy is ready to be a Valentine's Day gift to your bear lover ... or just to decorate for the "season"... or your gift to yourself!!
She's pink alpaca and pink Ultrasuede and stands about 5 inches tall.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Robin ....fortune reads "wish"

Robin has his own fortune cookie... I saw the tutorial for making it on a blog... but you don't know how long I puzzled over it!
Robin is a little over 6.5" tall in soft, dense taupe mohair. I've posted him on BearPile.

(here's the link to the blog...)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vonni and her smocked hankie dress

When I saw this hankie ( it was a LARGE one) I knew Nancy Hauk would have to make a smocked dress for one of my bears... and she did! Since I never know just how big a dress each hankie will make, I wait and make the bear to fit it. Vonni is the result. She is 9inches tall and made from a pale pink Schulte mohair with matching backing.

And here's another mouse... Chester the country mouse. ... with his mushroom. Dinner?

I changed the picture because I remembered to add whiskers!
Thanks Loretta for the horsetail!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hildie's mittens

My friend, Hildie, sent me these mittens just before Christmas.... I decided that since it is so cold , Alix needed more than a scarf and hat!

Alix is going to Wales!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 new for 2010

Here are my first for 2010! Alix is the bear.... with her hat and scarf. it's really cold here and she needed to keep warm. Torrey is the mouse... caught in a trap but not without getting the cheese!

Alis is on BearPile Torrey is on

Friday, January 1, 2010


I must be fixated on mice lately...I remember one of the last visits I made to my Mother's farm in Nova Scotia. Every winter the field mice would find a way into the house. I think my last visit must have had the most... probably because both my step-father and my Mother were not able to set traps all over the house... but I could and did. I became the "Great White Hunter"... when we would sit and watch TV we could hear the traps going snap... snap.. snap! And I would have to find the ones that had "gone off"! By the end of my visit, it seemed like the ones who hadn't been greedy enough to risk the traps and get caught had left for less risky abodes!
But here is Pinkerton... he looks like my pet mouse. I had two while we lived in London, bought on the Camden Road black market stalls ( this was post war London!)
. My mother got tired of them and we swapped them for a lovely tortoise at a nearby petshop!

Pinkerton is ready to come bearing chocolates and candy for your special Valentine!
He's now on Bearpile