Monday, July 24, 2017


It seems like everyone and I mean everyone is excited about the upcoming eclipse. We live in a great area for seeing it and many will be taking a half-day at work !!!
One of the Missouri wineries we visited earlier this spring gave us eclipse glasses which I have been careful not to loose!!
Many towns... many wineries... a dairy etc. are planning eclipse events.... Not sure if we will do more than sit on the deck and watch it get dark!!! 
Blue Springs is just east of Independence.. so maybe  a little jaunt north and east would get us a better viewing???

Monday, July 10, 2017

Robb's bucket list finished??

No... his sabbatical is over  ( 3500 emails awaited his arrival back at work!!). We did get a lot accomplished but not everything!! His new IKEA wall is done and lots of stuff moved into it... freeing up lots of other spaces. His fence to match the neighbors is done and they will be staining both his and theirs that's done!!
   One thing he organized that wasn't a project was taking everyone to Kansas City's Starlight Theater where we saw "Jersey Boys" ... I told my grand daughter and grandson that this was my music ... Frankie Valli !  Everyone had a good time even if I was afraid that we couldn't find the right parking lot and our cars in the dark!!
   Now that he is back to work... we have GOT to get going on some long put off stuff. So today we brought in the ladder and got back to removing wallpaper in the entry way. Luckily we had done a good job priming before putting on the paper, but with the stairs and two story heights it is a major task!!  We are almost finished with the removal.... next is washing to get the glue off...then patching and sanding!! Then picking paint....