Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Jubilee is over...

The Kansas City Bill Boyd Memorial Teddy Bear Jubilee is over for 2011....I enjoyed it ( as usual) even if I didn't get to spend as much time there. Bob and I mixed a stone carving 3-day workshop with the 3-day teddy bear convention! I found myself wishing I could clone myself because I wanted to be at both things at the same time! Didn't happen!
Molly, my elephant in the kimono, won a first place ribbon for"under 6 inches dressed" in the Jubilee competition!!

As for stone carving.... my limestone piece isn't finished. I worked on it all Friday becoming more and more frustrated. Then I learned on Sunday that I had picked one of the hardest shapes to carve.... and felt much much better. There isn't much carving left... though I will still have loads of sanding to work on! I will post a picture then!
Now that The Jubilee and the bear show down in Grapevine, Tx. are over , I have started putting bears in my etsy shop again! Here is the link! By the way... sales at the two shows were good!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Working hard

After a great bear show in Grapevine, Tx. on the 11th I have been working hard to "restock"! A nice problem, but I have another show, the Kansas City Bill Boyd Memorial Jubilee on the 24th ! I took a picture of my latest sitting waiting for their hang tags! I have a purple elephant and a Halloween ghost in the works!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Heading back home

The Grapevine Show, Texas was great! We saw lots of old friends and made new ones! LOTS of bears and bear friends are NOT heading back to Kansas City with us... which means I will be sewing a lot before The Kansas City Teddy Bear Jubilee on the 24th.
For other bearmakers... the promoters are already at work on next years' show. It will be Sunday October 28th.... same place, the Grapevive, Tx. Community Center!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simon's hitting the beat

Simon is ready to head down to Texas... but in the meantime he's making noise hoping someone will notice him!
He can be seen on BearPile until I pack him away for our trip to the Lone Star State.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will Jennie got toTexas?

I'm working on things for the Grapevine Show on September 11th. This is Jennie.... a 6" bear made from hand-dyed mohair. She comes with her vintage hankie dress ( Thanks to Nancy Hauk !), her "bear case" and her Ohio Art vintage tin cup, saucer and creamer that I found in Livingston TN.
By the way, Nancy's workmanship is supreme... wonderful smocking, all finished seams etc.! I always keep my eyes open for hankies for Nancy to work her magic on! This one also came from Livingston, TN.

Jennie's going to Texas but not to Grapevine!