Saturday, January 6, 2018

Up and running again

Just after my last posting my computer went belly up. Luckily we had advance warnings and so downloaded my files to a secondary hard drive.... but that meant no time on the computer until DH decided on a new one and then set it up.
I am learning slowly all the new computer's ins and outs and DH has added all my files from the secondary hard drive ( sort of like a huge flash drive).

I did go back to the estate sale and same home with MORE little Steiffs...

The large rabbit is not mohair and quite new but it is so cute and soft I coulsn't resist. The baby elephant from my first trip is still my favorite!!


diane b said...

Its always learning something new in the techno world. Hope you get the hang of it soon,

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! My granddaughter would absolutely go nuts over those. They are adorable. She never liked dolls, just stuffed animals. Granted, she's 11 now. Hmmm...I wonder if her stuffed animals days are over soon.