Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sanibel escape....

Well... if you hadn't figured it out, we are down on Sanibel Island, Florida! We left Kansas City the morning before the first big snowfall!  Great timing!!!
 We rented a condo in a complex just off the gulf side beach. We also rented two bikes! Our first bike trip took us out to lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant after which we continued on our way to the beach park where the actual lighthouse sits!  Our second bike trip took us to Pinocchio's a wonderful home made Italian ice cream store where we shared a two scoop bowl !!!
The pictures are from a shelling visit to Bowman's Beach where I am doing my version of the "Sanibel Stoop"! By the way... these are the biggest waves I've ever seen on Sanibel!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Four leaf clovers

I can't resist looking for four leaf clovers whenever I am " in clover".... and I'm pretty good at finding them. I have even found 5 and 6 leaf ones. Does anyone know whether they're lucky too?!
I have just finished a little 4.5 inch mouse that has found a four leaf clover! So I have named him "Lucky"! I've posted him on BearPile  .... you can't see it, but Lucky has a nice long wired tail and his whiskers are horsetail.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Facebook group challenge

Chad  the Bunny is the result of a challenge  in one of my Facebook groups. Clare, of Chatham Bears. provided the original pattern which I shrunk  in order to make a rabbit (6.5 inches tall) which would fit in this vintage cardboard Easter egg! Chad also has two polyester fiber filled Ultrasuede carrots. I have posted him on BearPile !
Chad's mohair is really soft and dense... and is "old Ivory".

After seeing some of the other challenge bunnies I noticed the whiskers.  So I'. trying out Chad with some horsetail ones.  They're not glued yet.... so if the adopter doesn't like them, I can remove them!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Teddies Worldwide show postcard

Daphne, from Teddies Worldwide, sent the show postcard today.  I spent yesterday photographing my bears and friends, figuring out shipping costs and writing copy.  I should be able to upload everything and set up my "page" just before we head out for Florida and the Tampa show ( Sunday 2/24 ...for more details go to  )
We are taking the laptop along  so I can  set everything up from Florida... if necessary !
Daphne's show guidelines call for 5 bears "for sure" and then 5 more bears and/or bear friends optional.  I have 5 bears and 2 friends DONE... photographed etc.  ...and one more bear that needs a " bit more".