Friday, December 21, 2007

digital things

I thought that I would like to wish everyone a "happy holidays"....the result was this card.
Then I started thinking about all the gift cards at the stores and wondered about the possibility of offering a gift certificate through my website . If someone wants to give one of my bears to someone... all they have to do is contact me via email. I send them a PayPal invoice which they pay. They print the certificate and "voila" someone gets to choose their own Glass Dragon bear ( or bear friend)! No one done it YET.... but maybe. I like the idea so much that I will offer it all year round; after changing the certificate's "look" to one more year round.
I think I've finished all my Christmas orders! Just in time for cookie baking and getting things ready for Christmas. The last group of Memory Bears left this afternoon.... and will be Christmas gifts to 7 grandchildren and a sister! This is the first time I've made them out of a quilted hunting camo printed coverall! I had the bears in a box waiting. Every time Dominic saw them he had to take them all out and put them all back!

I hope everyone has the best of Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December Ice Storm First Wave

This what happens when you stand at the back door wanting to get a picture of the lights draped with icicles.... and water from the roof runs down the back of your neck!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas makings

I have been making some non-bear things and these are two of them! I've put them up on my etsy shop.......

and my website

Lili, our grand daughter, came the other day to work on her Christmas presents... it was one of those "dragonfly" days where her attention span was pretty short but we had fun! She will be coming back to add bows. I'd put up pictures but then the future recipients would know what she's making!

I did work on some bear things while we were off to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and as soon as I finish them I will be putting them up too! I couldn't take all the "bear making necessities" along with us which means finishing them up NOW!

We visited the Atlanta Aquarium ! It was fantastic... huge tanks with 1.5 feet of glass between you and monstrous fish!

On our way home we stopped in Tennessee at my brother-in-law's .... he has an rv park/trout farm in Allons. Priscilla and I took a trip to the Appalachian Center for Craft ( part of Tenn. Tech University) which sits atop a ridge in the middle of a TVA Lake formed from the Caney River. The views are spectacular as are the works for sale in the Center's galleries. They also offer wonderful classes and I am quite tempted!
On the way back to the trout farm/rv park Priscilla and I stopped at a local winery.... very small with NY-style grape varieties and the southern Muscadines. He, the vintner, actually produces a "champagne" and planned a champagne tasting later in the month. The winery is in Livingston, Tn.