Thursday, October 29, 2020

gray days and way too many emails

 As the days continue to be gray and damp I sit and knit on Stella's blanket..... getting stiff hands as a result.  Its length grows slowly....

When not knitting I check out my emails... between yesterday morning and this morning I received 494 emails. Mostly political.... yuck... mostly asking for a donation.... more yuck !!  Delete delete delete!!

This afternoon Bob and I drive "downtown" to KC's City Market to pick up cookie decorating kits that I won at a charity auction. I am looking forward to seeing them !  

later... there was lots of traffic on the interstate but the sun came out and the sky was blue. Found our way there and home again!!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Weatherperson was right

 well... surprise surprise ! The weather person was right. It did actually snow early this morning. A whopping  1/2 inch. Mostly on the grass though the newspaper plastic bag on the driveway did have it stick!!

Actually as I looked out the computer room window I see it is snowing again.... very fine flakes and still not sticking to the driveway.

My daughter and her family will be driving to Rolla, Mo  ( about 3 - 4 hours east and south) for a family funeral tomorrow. I am hoping that the temperatures don't go much lower and that things don't freeze on the roads.  I am also hoping that they manage to keep to their plans to wear masks, keep their distances and so on. They will quarantine when they get back here.... so we won't be seeing them .

Still working on Stella's blanket .... it is about 43" wide by 20" long ( so far).  I am coming to the end of a ball but do have another. Shall I keep going ?  I do like the looks of it.

BTW ... now the blanket is a lapful  my cat Tigger the Tripper doesn't want to sit on my lap so he tries to join Jack who sits on my husband's lap ...something Jack isn't pleased about.

Friday, October 23, 2020

gorgeous versus cold and rainy

 Yesterday was a beautiful day... warm ( over 80) and sunny. I went out on the deck and removed all the dead plants from the boxes and readied the boxes for next spring. We have had enough wind recently that the deck and the back yard have loads of dead branches and the leaves are beginning to fall!

 Today is another story. I woke to the sounds of rain and dark skies. The temperature is now getting to 40 and won't get much higher. Things are dark so all the lights are on. I'm sure a second pot of coffee will be necessary.

Only good thing... having Stella's blanket on my lap while I add more rows is nice and comforting! I think I am about half way to be being done!!

Decided I wanted/needed another "ball" of yarn for the blanket so off to Hobby Lobby. Also picked up some Christmas stuff.  I wore my mask.. kept my distance and washed when I got home. But it was nice to "get out of the house"!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

different day

 Today was a different one.... Bob drove me into KC to my hair salon where Mark again exclaimed at how long my hair had gotten and what did I want to do with it. After some discussion we had a plan!  

We spent the time chit chatting while he went snip snip. I've been going to him for years so I know all his back story....  I am so glad to have all that hair cut into submission.

Bob sat outside in the car and played Suduko.... luckily he wore a winter coat,

Today was cold , gray and drizzly.... and just like Missouri, it will be back to the 80's on Thursday... and then drop again.  But it was cold enough that I talked Bob into turning on the gas fireplace after dinner! Nice and cozy!!

Still knitting on Stella's blanket.... the plastic handled 32" circular needles are the pits. Yes. the stitches slide nicely but the plastic needle ends snap. I am now using bamboo ones... we'll see if they are any stronger.  The blanket is now about 15 inches long !!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

knitting....babies versus teddy bears

My daughter's step-daughter is having a baby!! So I decided to make the baby a blanket... It's been a long time since I knitted for anything other than a teddy bear!! And small bears at that!!  Stella ( the baby) is due in January so I stopped at Hobby Lobby for yarn and bigger needles ( bigger than ones for teddies!).

I cast on 190 stitches and have been working on a pattern that looks like basket weave .. Knit 5, Perle 5 and after 8 rows switch to P5, K 5. There's a knit only border too.  It's looking good but it's "oh so slow"!!   My hands are "oh so tired"!

I stopped at Hobby Lobby this morning for another ball of yarn. Don't want to run out before I get to 36 or so inches long. While there I found some clearance yarn just right for teddies!!

Luckily the temperatures have dropped, it's not too warm for a lap full of knitting.  We are still sunny and the sky is blue.... BUT acorns are dropping like mad  and branches are falling. The wind gusts are strong !!  Sitting and knitting,   the acorns dropping almost sound like gun shots.

Here's Stella's blanket. Not the greatest picture is it?? It's sage green    no baby colors for Stella according to her Mother!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Another gorgeous day plus quilting

 Today has been another gorgeous day so my quilting group decided to meet again  - outside - 6 feet apart - masks for some. One member had been away for the weekend with her family so she wore a mask. Another is back to teaching in school so she wore a mask.

Lots of talking and eating. This will be the last meeting until things get better.  This area is still a red zone with new cases and deaths.

We have been lucky. ... and want to stay that way

My grandson and I were going to check out the U-pick apple orchard... so I called and was told that the trees were picked clean. Disappointing.... good for the orchard owner though!!

Monday, October 12, 2020

soup season

 The weather may be turning... today is cooler than it's been for awhile and the wind is blowing enough for my plastic pumpkin to blow across the front yard and my neighbor's sail above his deck has come "unattached" on one side.

So... the last time I went grocery shopping I bought the makings for split pea soup... tomorrow I will make some. Split pea soup is a family comfort food !!