Saturday, February 15, 2020

last night

Last night's cocktail and cheese tasting event was an event from beginning to end!!  We prepared for the trip to the old industrial area down by the Missouri River and surrounding  railroad yards by taking along maps and our Garmin....( Kansas City's old industrial area)
But we got lost... with some wiggling around we found ourselves about a block ( 200 feet) from our destination but blocked by a huge long freight train... lots of lights flashing  etc. No way were we going to park and wiggle our way between the freight cars.
More wiggling until we found a road and bridge over the tracks and the train... We found the last parking spot across from our destination and as we walked across the street , the train started to move. Figures, right?!
"Reigers" is a distillery built  in an old bottling plant. They have done a marvelous rehab on the inside ! Beer used to be "piped" from a nearby brewery and bottled here. Kansas City was a major brewery city... way back then.
Anyway... the event was good. The sheep's milk cheeses were wonderful. Two of the cocktails were tasty. Two had too much vermouth as an under taste.
Good thing I had my own designated driver for our trip home...
Looking forward to the "Dirt Farm's" calendar of events being posted next month!

Last week Bob picked up a movie from the library.... "Bohemian Rhapsody"....about Freddie Mercury and Queen.  We really enjoyed it and the actor who played Freddie could really duplicate his singing...

Friday, February 14, 2020

emails back and forth

One of my bear customers has a bear on her mind... one that looks like one she has already purchased but different. So we have been going back and forth via email.... pictures of mohair I have in my stash... sizes of bears and so on !! Kind of fun... but a little frustrating as well. Some of my stash is not quite "vintage" but getting close and the mills are not weaving the same sort of mohair. They are trying to cut costs ( aren't we all!) and favorite colors  and textures are changing as well.
Actually I am trying to use up what I have already purchased...  buying eyes, joints, fiberfill only. At times I am really tempted by the new stuff but am resisting ( for the most part).

We had a little snow and the temps were really low ... about 8 F early this morning ... but they are going up!! Hooray !

The Missouri River and the Mississippi too are going to flood again this spring. The levees have not been repaired from last year's water. The "way up North" reservoirs are already full and the snow melt hasn't begun which will fill them even more.  The poor farmers whose land was flooded will be flooded again ... no crops planted and no harvest again!

Off this evening to our Valentine's Day event... the cheese and cocktail tasting. Not much food on offer so we will eat something before we go!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Bob and I have been lazy-ing around today... watching it snow. Packing up an sale. Reading . Watching a movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" about the group Queen and so on when I noticed the TV had school closings on the crawl!!  All the schools will be closed tomorrow. Then I noticed the weather .  The temperatures are dropping rapidly overnight to about 6 F tomorrow morning!!  That's why the schools are closing... not the little snowfall!!

Glad I went grocery shopping! I even have an almost new half-gallon of milk.  No need to leave home!!

Middle of the week...

this posting isn't so sad.... today Bob and I celebrate our 54th wedding anniversary !!
We were married in St. Anthony's , Nanuet, NY.... beautiful sunny day with the temps in the low 70's. The following days it snowed!!

Here we are.  Bob's parents are on his left. My Mother and step-father are on my right !!

After a few days in NYC we spent a few days with his parents in Geneva, NY..... and then off to our apartment in Clarence Center ( just outside of Buffalo).
Bob was working for Sylvania and I  joined the NY Employment Service a few months later.

Now we are in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri and mostly retired !!

( btw I chose this date because it was close to Valentine's Day and on Lincoln's birthday -- he wouldn't be able to forget!)

Monday, February 10, 2020

start of the week

Today, two years ago, my son was killed while on the median of a Kansas highway. He was being a good Samaritan... helping someone who had driven off the highway and overturned. A car coming from the other direction slammed into the two of them. The  other man was thrown and injured. My son was killed.
His death has left a huge hole in all our lives.
My husband, my two daughters and I  have pulled in closer together. Tonight we are having dinner out... just the four of us.

Yesterday my ex-brother-in-law called from the Netherlands where he is spending 6 months doing medical research. He was Robb's godfather and feels the hole greatly.

We will be lighting candles at church later today...  Bob and I ended up lighting all the candles on the top row... Robb was 6'5" !

Our server must have decided we needed cheering up or something... she made a super effort all through our meal. We all ended up laughing and having a good time!  Thank you Amanda!!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

boxing up bears and a mouse

Spent today boxing up bears ( and a mouse) that sold on the online bear show. Then Bob decided a trip to the PO would be a good idea... so off we went.  Our PO is open 24/7 to leave prepaid packages, pick up mail from boxes and so on.

Left the packages...

Early mailing was a good idea since some were very definitely Valentine's Day themed!
They should all be delivered by Friday!

I didn't even need to put on a coat!

I don't feel like making a big dinner so it will be soup and sandwiches tonight !!  And a glass of wine.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

good day?

Today is turning into a good day... it's sunny though cold but no wind which makes it even better!

My trip to the grocery store was fruitful... coffee on sale! Lovely strawberries!  Bananas on sale!! Found nice Anniversary and Valentine's cards for Bob and even one Valentine card for him from the cats!!  The checkout lady was waiting just for me and even had a bagger!! And a gentleman unloading  his grocery cart into the car next to mine offered to take my cart to the cart corral!

After I unloaded  ( really Bob did most of it) the car at home he wanted to do a round robin of errands.. off to the Restore ( Habitat for Humanity), then the QT gas station where I got a free coffee and then off to Office Depot for Bob and Hobby Lobby next door for me. I didn't buy anything but Bob bought a "passport" to download my hard drive onto as a safety deal. He has been having unsuccessful attempts to update Windows 10 and wants me not to loose what's on MY computer!!
Boy I would have to loose all my pictures and documents!!

The house smells of red cabbage... both of us love it, so it's OK.  Dinner will be burnt ends with sauce, red cabbage, fresh green beans and mashed potatoes...

Bears are heading out to new homes ... Winter Stars online show
This is "Gwen" made as a "challenge" to recognize the death of a  Texas friend who also made bears. The bear had to be white but the challenge was otherwise open. She went to a new home!!