Friday, September 7, 2018

Off to new homes

Raggedy is off to Australia along with another one of my bear friends!! How great!! Several others are going to new homes and there are three show days left!!

The weather has done a turnover... we have had rain all day today and off and on yesterday. There are even flood warnings in the area. Our 90 degree days dropped to mid 60's today and when my daughters came over this evening they were both wearing sweaters!

Everything is growing again...wonder how long that will last. I think I will go to the Farmers' Market tomorrow morning. Homegrown veggies sound so appealing!! Maybe the Mennonite ladies will be there with their home baked pies and breads. And now that I am not using my cane ( often) walking will not be such a problem.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

update and lead bear

Lili is doing well... back to school and a shopping trip with me for a homecoming dance dress...which we found!
Clearing out my son's house and the selling process is moving along. Not to say that there haven't been a few hiccups. Bob, the girls and I have taken some things.... some to use and some to remember Robb by. We have made many many trips to Goodwill , Disabled Vets and Habitat for Humanity's Restore and have two hugs days planned for the rest. One is a huge truck to go to a storage unit and one is a "Donation Day" for one of my daughter's non-profits. What's left, the girls will take to Goodwill or The Salvation Army!!
This has been both a lot of work and a lot of heartache.

I have been working on bears and friends for the upcoming online show ... link is on the sidebar ... coming up next weekend. Here is my lead bear Raggedy ( named by my grandson the moment he saw him!)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

What a day

Well... this time it isn't about me!!!  We were woken up at 2 am Tuesday morning.... sure something absolutely awful had happened. Turned out our daughter was at our local hospital's ER with our grand daughter. Our DD was sure it wasn't serious ( GD is a bit of of hypochondriac) but this time Lili was right. Her really painful abdomen was appendicitis!  The doctors removed it at 7am. Three little incisions and she was back home by 3pm.  No school for three days ( high school junior).
Lili even has pictures.... the procedure is so different nowadays...

       After surgery.....

I have been working on items for the next online show... Bright Star's Fall Stars show.  
I received a surprise box of mohair fur in the mail!!  Made my day!! I have already used one piece for the show and have another in the planning stage from two pieces - blue and red!!

I have been searching for my needle felting supplies. My DH put things away while I was in the hospital so he could have them bring in a hospital bed ( this way way back) but his idea of where to put things definitely differs from mine. I have an order that cannot be made without these things...rats!!  Keep on searching!

Bingo tonight with my daughters... fundraiser for Phoenix Family!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Toward normality

After practicing a few times I finally took off in the car by myself to look for a new pair of shoes. Definitely not something the DH wants to participate in. I was successful with the shoes but missed seeing a bump driving home. Luckily I was in the mini SUV ( a higher car) so no damage.

One of the cats... probably Tigger ..upchucked on my comforter. It's too big for my washing machine. The laudromat wanted $10.00 for its big machine and the dry cleaner wanted over $24.00. So home we went and out onto the deck where we scrubbed and rinsed with the hose. Its drying now but it looks good. Dry catfood vomit can stain !

I am going around without the cane as much as possible. I take it along when we shop etc. just in case and where the ground is really rough or with lots of steps!! Feeling pretty good about this!!

Another online bear show in September.... so back to sewing!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Going well ... mostly

Life has its ups and downs.... we ( my daughters and husband and I ) have been readying my son's house for sale. I hope he would have liked the things his sisters did... staging and finishing up some of his projects. It has all been very emotional.
 Some of the things we found while de-cluttering the house were surprising.... all his Boy Scout badges, books and his Eagle letter!!  His high school awards. Some of the letters he received when away.   I hadn't thought he was so sentimental.  These things are all packed up and in our attic now... his sisters will have to decide what to do with them when Bob and I are gone.
I also saved some of the toys he hadn't wanted to pass on... Bob saved all his wood working projects.

So the house should go on the market Monday.

The Bright Star Summer Sizzler show is going well.... I saved the task of packing the sold bears ( and a mouse) for TODAY .... because we are having new carpet laid in the family room and I needed to have something to do that wasn't in that room!!   BTW... Chase is going to Pennsylvania.

We are still hot and dry... It doesn't seem like back to school time. My daughter goes back to her school district this week - pre-kids stuff. The grand children go back next week to their schools.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Even though I am still working on getting myself back to normal I have managed to make a few bears and a friend for the upcoming Bright Star "Summer Sizzler" online show next weekend ...
I have added a link.

This is Chase ... my lead bear!  An armful of super soft tipped synthetic with mohair inserts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

long ago friends

Last year I received an email from a grammar school friend... right out of the blue. Amazing what the internet can do. We've been emailing every so often and I really like hearing from her. One of the things I remembered best about her was how her Mother braided her hair! Funny what one remembers, isn't it.  Now she has connected me to two more classmates....  wonder where this is going?

Here we all are ... West Nyack 's grammar school... I think 4th grade.  1954???  So many years ago... but I remember so many names and faces!!

After I graduated from Syracuse University and married , my Mother and step father sold our house and moved to Nova Scotia. The house was demolished and the land became part of a large shopping mall.
So... never went back to West Nyack.