Monday, June 21, 2021

Two for one day!

 Yesterday was a two for one day... Father's Day and our grandson Dominic's 15th birthday!! 

The day started off on a questionable note... rain!! I had visions of us all  having to get together inside but things cleared by afternoon and all the food was set out in the dining room and cushions out on the deck chairs. We all munched, drank and exchanged cards and presents for Dom !

Elder daughter brought her puppy Scout along. Tigger and Jack hid but all the people were delighted. That crazy puppy loves carrots and since she is still at the chewy stage Laurel brought a bag along. BTW she also loves apples, strawberries, cantelope and so on especially when a little of Laurel's fruit dip is applied!! When our get together ended, Scout was totally exhausted!!

Actually Bob and I were exhausted too!

Today is a lovely cooler one...doors open... no a/c running! Here's hoping this weather stays for a bit!!

Didn't have to cook tonight... leftovers from yesterday filled the bill! Sitting on the deck in 75 degrees with a slight breeze made it perfect!!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Lili and her kittens...#2

 Here's my granddaughter Lili and the Cat Family she is "fostering"!

If you have been hearing about HEAT ...we are hot but not as hot as further West. Yesterday we reached 97... today it was cooler... 93. Neither day was a record breaker. I am making sure my deck plants and the ones in front are watered.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Lili's kittens

 Here are two of Lili's kittens! They are growing by leaps and bounds and are above the expected weight for two week old kittens. One of them is double the weight - not shown  here though! He (?) was asleep  when Lili took photos.The bottom two pictures are the same kitten ... Aphrodite because of the heart on her (?) forehead. It is still too early to tell the sex.

Lili is learning just how much work a litter of kittens is!!

This is Jacques... because of his mustache and is twice the expected weight of a two week old!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

day after day

 Day after day of hot sunny weather... sitting on the deck at dinner time... keeping the plants watered.

Younger daughter and her husband have been redoing their bathroom. This is the first big project that they have undertaken.... and it has been a successful one. The surround for their tub/shower was shot. My daughter found a replacement on the Home Depot site and so things began. First their was the demolition... minor repairs to the drywall underneath.. and so on. Finally it is done!

Now she can concentrate on her summer school teachings/students and her own Ed. Specialist classes ( online). She should receive her degree next winter... her emphasis is Gifted Education.

Elder daughter is still working on her transformation of her basement. We helped put in a  ceiling light. She is not quite comfortable with electrical stuff... yet! But now she can turn on a light when she comes in from the driveway and garage.

My "quilting" group is having another get together this evening... everyone is really looking forward to talking, sitting outside on a deck, munching on snacks and working on projects!! Usually we don't get together over the summer but we didn't meet at all for so long that we weren't ready go do the usual hiatus!!

BTW... the kittens are growing... eyes open. Lili has found someone who is interested in Mama Cat after the kittens are weaned and will have her spayed.... and there has been some interest in the kittens. Lili will make anyone who takes a kitten sign a note promising to neuter when old enough. Those she doesn't find home for will go to a rescue.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Memorial Day

 Time to relax!! Yesterday's get together was great even though the weather didn't cooperate and we had to switch places!! 

This was our first time with all of the family since the pandemic started! All of us vaccinated! Even the youngest... my almost 15 year old grandson!!

We tried new recipes... and munched away!!

Suggestions made for the "Fourth of July - Independence Day"!

We decided to figure out who in our families served when....after all it was Memorial Day (LOL)  Bob's Father's brother was a pilot during WWII and flew "the hump". Two of his Mother's brothers served in the Army during WWII and ended up in Italy. ( The other brother was in an essential occupation and could not serve) . My step-Father could not serve in WWII since he was a farmer and considered essential. My step-brother served in the Vietnam War.  My Father served in the German Army at Verdun in WWI and Poland WWII - we couldn't decide how he fit in...  Luckily everyone made it home...

Kitten update...they are all doing well and are beginning to open their eyes. A search is on for new homes in about 8 weeks. Lili and her boyfriend Spencer seem to having some positive feedback!

Thursday, May 27, 2021


My grand daughter has been taking care of a pregnant stray cat. Since she already has two cats according to her apartment's rules she cannot have another. She tried to find a shelter that would take the cat ( very nice, very friendly and still quite young) but the shelters would abort the kittens and Lili would have none of that!  But they would accept the cat after the kittens were born, foster the little family and then adopt them out.

Lili was ok with that... took the cat to the vet to make sure all was well and prepared to wait. Well... she didn't have to wait long!!

The Mama cat was not happy to have Lili leave her while the kittens were being born... so there Lili sat.  There are now 6 little ones - 1 black, 2 black and white and three calicos. Mama did a great job though Lili said she was almost sick when the cat ate the placentas.  Mama cat is feeding and cleaning them now!!

 After several days of hot weather...  the temps dropped and it rained AGAIN. The lower temps will probably last through the weekend. 

A local plant grower has plants and a big tent in the parking lot of our closest grocery store ... and will be there for at least a month more. So I went out today and bought more flowers and grasses and herbs to plant in my boxes on the deck and in pots in front of our front steps.   The geranium I bought earlier is sending out loads of flowers and buds!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Doctor's offics says "OK"!

 Bob  heard from the doctor's office this morning... his blood had been tested for tick diseases and came back negative! Hooray!   But we will keep an eye on ourselves for any new bites... it seems like there are more ticks this year.

We spent more time on our daughter's basement project this weekend.  She plans on painting the ceiling this coming weekend with a paint sprayer. She has ordered full cover Tyvek suits for herself and Bob. Will be interesting..

It has rained everyday ... sometimes heavily... sometimes just misting.  But today it was dry enough to mow our backyard.  I see trails of ants all over trying to find somewhere dry enough to put their eggs. Sometimes we even find them in the mailbox!  Bob gets rid of them there and receives thanks from the  mailman!!

Forgot to post so this is now Tuesday ( the next day)

Bob is going to finish his antibiotic prescription even though the test results were good! 

We took a trip this morning  to several thrift stores to drop off the latest "get rid ofs"!  I consider that a win!!  And with things staying dry, Bob is mowing the front yard.

We did set a "record"... this is the first year that we have turned on the air conditioner in May. It is set high but it will make things less humid/muggy!! Of course I hope that this will not jinx things and we will not get frost !