Monday, November 12, 2018

new rug

Bob and I managed to empty out the master bedroom and its closets... putting everything wherever we could find space!!  LOL  But when we got up this morning it had snowed a bit and was still snow/raining. We were sure the installers couldn't cut the new rug and padding on the wet driveway and they would put things off!!
But no... they would be here at 8.15 ! And they were. Jack ( the gray/black/dtiped cat) has not shown a single whisker this morning. Tigger ( the orange tripper cat) would dash out the front door if I didn't close him up in our computer room. Tigger is fascinated by the noise and hurrah the installers are creating as they take up the old carpeting and bring the new stuff in !
( BTW the old carpeting is 40 plus years old)

Our installers brought their stuff in a small school bus!

To be cont'd...

Here's their little school bus and one laying the rug!! They did a nice job ... quick.... tidy... and professional!! And did it even with the lousy weather. We ended up with 2 - 3 inches of soft fluffy stuff.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Lili's artwork

My granddaughter is 16 and in her junior year of high school. These are two of her latest pieces. The upper one was done in white chalk on a black background.
She did them in her school art class. She brought them to my house so that I could take pictures of them for her portfolio. Next year she will be applying for college/art school.

I've been watching her draw ( or whatever)  forever and have seen a big step forward lately. It's interesting to watch her advance.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Surprise... it's snowing

I'm not ready for snow!! Currently we have just enough to look like the grass has dandruff!!. It was cold this morning when we went out to "sell books" to 1/2 Price Books. We didn't make much but the pile of 35 plus boxes has been dwindled down to just a few boxes of keepers! Hooray!
I think I may ask the DH to turn on the gas fire... for a little warmth plus I like the flames!!

The next online bear show starts tomorrow at 11 am Eastern... I enjoyed making Christmasy ones! We will spend the weekend watching for sales ( hopefully) and boxing them up for the mail. We will also be moving furniture and stuff so that the carpet layers can get to work early Monday morning. The carpet in the "Master" bedroom is the original carpet ( laid in 1976)... definitely replacement time.
I am looking forward to it...

btw ... we have been " discussing, loudly, where to put the bed, dressers etc. while the carpet layers are at work!! Not sure which of us won!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Robb's birthday

Yesterday would have been my son's 50th birthday. I had planned a family celebration with "Over the Hill" things  and whatever we could think of.
Obviously that wasn't happening.  But his sisters, his father and I did decide to mark the occasion with a trip to Harrah's casino in North Kansas City...Robb loved to play ! We ate dinner in the buffet and went to play the slots. Robb would have sneered a little at that since he was a Black Jack and poker player!!  But he must have been keeping an eye on his sisters! At almost at once they won ! Since they were playing together... they cashed out and split the loot!  And a sad day took on a nice glow!!

Today is Halloween... for many many childhood years Robb celebrated today with a party and friends going "trick or treat" with him.
We are headed out to my daughter's... she's cooking dinner for us and my DH will be handing out candy. I wonder what Harper , the new rambunctious puppy, will think of all this.  Is that why we have been invited so that the DH can cope with her?? Better him than me!

Harper was great... didn't pay much attention to the doorbell ringing or children saying "trick or treat"!   The Oak grove kids started out downtown hitting all the stores then off to the neighborhoods. We helped give out 5 large bags of candy !! Lots and lots of "thank yous"!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Large Frosty the Snowbear 2018

This is my lead bear for the Bright Star "Holiday Stars" online show November 9th - 12th.  I make Frosty the Snowbears each year. This is my 2018 large one. He is 14 inches tall.

Go to the sidebar on the right for a link to the show!!

It was not too cold, quite sunny and only a little breezy this morning so I decided a walk would be nice.... good for the leg too! So off I went. Lovely leaves lay in the gutters and several of the trees were showing off too.
The walk went well though I am a little exhausted...LOL !  Have to do it more often!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

creeping closer and closer

We are creeping ever closer to closing on Robb's house. Signing takes place Friday. My husband has been doing all the little fix-up the buyers requested ... and some big ones like arranging for a new roof.  The Kansas City area had a huge amount of rain last week which made it obvious that the sump pump wasn't working. So my husband and son-in-law bought a new pump and replaced it. They found that the bottom of the sump was filled with dirt and leaves which had to be removed first before the new motor could be put in.  It took forever... including trips to Home Depot ( as always) for some little thing they just had to have!
One good thing... fixing the sump helped the new radon detector work better!!
My DH has a few more bits and pieces of Robb's to bring to our home and then we are done.

My daughters have been enjoying a trip away to Orlando. One had a convention/seminar to attend and the other went to keep the first company. They both needed the chance to get away! Last night they "dined" at Pio Pio ... a chain... but good and sort of Cuban in style.... enjoying rice, empanadas, fried pork skins, plantains etc. They said they ordered too much!! LOL

We stayed home (lol) enjoying their texts while I worked on bears etc. for the next online show ( November). Looking at what I have made you would think Christmas was coming !! I will add a photo of my lead bear shortly

Thursday, October 11, 2018

what to do with chestnuts

A friend has a wonderful chestnut tree that has loads and loads of chestnuts every year. I like to roast them in the oven... cut a "X" so they don't explode and roast them.
My Mother used them in stuffing which I was not fond of... so have been looking for some other ways of using them.
Suggestions welcome!!!  I'm not sure the "comment" section works, so email me at with you ideas!!
Thank you