Thursday, June 28, 2018

show went well

The Bright Star Furry Frenzy online show went well..... bears and fishies found new homes. Bob helped me get them packed up and off to the PO !
I am feeling much better.... the pneumonia seems to be gone ( hurrah) and the new surgery on the wound site seems to be healing ( knock on wood etc.) No signs of anything on the bandages.

Bob (DH) is still doing most of the inhouse tasks such as laundry, cooking, shopping etc. Though I am trying to take over some of them.

We had a nasty storm the other day ... thunderstorms, pouring rain with tornado warnings. The town sirens went off... which means a trip to the basement. I managed the trip down even though the last set of stairs doesn't have a railing. Bob plans to change that ASAP. A small tornado did touch down about 20 miles south.  Afterwards we saw trucks from the electrical company out fixing wires...glad our lines are below ground since the temps were in the 90"s. No electricity means no Air Conditioning!!

The weather person is talking even higher temps for the next few days... good time to stay home and work on bears!!

PS... changing menu ideas to avoid turning on the oven....

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hospital stay..... again.....

After getting all ready for the Furry Frenzy show I found I was really ill.... this time it was pneumonia. So back to the hospital where the doctors worked on that plus the wound opening from my femur surgery.
But I made it home again in time for the show opening tomorrow!!!!
Back to MY BED... my bathroom ( instead of a commode)  and a nice visit from my daughters and grand daughter!!!!

We are all so READY to get back to normal!!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

actually getting something done

Bob and I went to the plant stall outside of our grocery store and bought flower and two tomatoplants for my deckboxes and the planters out front. Nice to have some color and to move past last winter and spring. We made our jaunt just in time since they are closing for the season shortly.
We have had to "resettle" some of the plants... the squirrels are at it again.  Almost wish I could let Robb's cats out on the deck to chase them away... almost.

I have got my page done for the upcoming online bear show... including all the PayPal buttons. I'll post a link at the end of next week. Enjoyed the "computer work" but was amazed to find out how rusty I am....almost three months of just checking emails, fb, the blogs I follow ... no real work.

BTW... our deck not only has squirrels but so many mosquitoes that sitting outside and eating dinner means multiple welts!!!

Oh well, when it's 95 degrees outside who wants to sit there anyway!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

nudge here... nudge there.... doing an online show at the end of the month

I am working on getting ready for the Bright Star "Furry Frenzy" online show June 24 th and 25th!! The show's promoter has been sending me nudges to get me to do it!! She succeeded...

Actually it is nice to start working on bears or bear friends again!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Impatient but not enthusiastic

I am getting more and more impatient with the healing process....Bob and I have decided to take a short walk around our circle this afternoon to build up my leg muscles. I found my un-used sneakers ( unused since I fell). Finding them myself can be easier than giving him instructions I will take the walker which is all wheels and a seat ( if I need to rest) and head out when he returns .

The lack of enthusiasm is for starting any new bears or friends ... or anything really. Going to have to work on that!!

Bob and I just returned from my first walk with walker around my cul-de-sac.....time to strengthen my leg muscles!

My granddaughter wants help taking photos for a portfolio...think I can get up enthusiasm for that!! She has made great strides in her art classes this year!!   She's my favorite grand daughter even though she's the only ...!!!!LOL!!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

I'm back sort of...

Just after my last posting Tigger ( Robb's orange striped cat) tripped me in the kitchen. Well... I had a choice.... either crush him or fall. I chose the latter. I fell with a huge bang and when DH came running  could not get up. Luckily the First Responders are only blocks away! They managed to get me onto a carrier, out to the EMT vehicle and off to the hospital.
I broke my femur ( thigh bone) into four pieces. The orthopedic surgeon inserted a titanium tube into the femur.
All this was complicated by by my afib and the thickness of my blood.
My insurance sent me to a rehab facility after the hospital stay where I received physical and occupational therapy..... now I am home. I still get physical therapy ( Scott is really good). The doctors say I am healing well

So with a rented hospital bed. toilet lifters, walkers and a transition chair we are coping. It would have been a lot easier if our house wasn't multi-floors.!

DH has been wonderful throughout.... constant visitor to the hospital and rehab  facility.... washed and brought clean clothes etc.  He has watched me progress and has been a great "go for" . For whatever I need or want!!

Today is my first time back at the computer!!!  Life must be getting much more normal!!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

update on the cats...

Jack and Tigger have decided either of us available makes a good place to settle.  They even will sleep together on on lap which was unheard of before.
At night Jack sleeps under our bed and Tigger sleeps at our feet with occasional trips up to my head to tickle me with his whiskers and cold nose.
Now if only they would awaken at 7am instead of 6...!!  LOL