Sunday, May 19, 2019

Roadtrip to Wellington ( Missouri)

We finally made it out to the LaBella Winery in Wellington, MO.  This afternoon was rain freee ... lots of fluffy clouds and blue sky. The area around Wellington is quite rural  and the winery is on a dirt and gravel road with lots of green rolling hills and fields ready for planting or with little shoots popping up! The winery's vines have loads of small hand sized leaves.  The tasting room employee says they raise most of the grapes for their wines!

Next time maybe we'll have some wood fired pizza on the porch overlooking the small lake!!
With it being so nice out, it was even better to go on a road trip!!
We have so many flood warnings out, we decided not to come home on the road which runs along side the Missouri River.

BTW... this Wellington is in Missouri. The next town over is Napoleon.... This area was settled before the Civil War with the "rich" folk up on the healthier bluffs  and the "poor" people down by the river...

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Here we go again

After tantalizing us with days of warm wonderful weather, the weather people say we will have a week of on and off rain.  Yuck... Luckily we brought the deck chair cushions into the house and so none of them are wet.
My deck flowers seem happy....

Today's storm band brought tornadoes from Texas to Nebraska. Luckily they were west of us.  We do have flash flooding and street closures  in the area.  Tomorrow , if it is dry after noon, I am going to talk  my husband into a short road trip to visit a winery and then home via the road which runs along the Missouri River. I am curious to see how high the water is.  The ground is so saturated that it runs off into the streams and rivers and stays in puddles... we have a low area that looks like a pond!

I saw on Facebook that there was an area near the Arctic Circle that reached 84 degrees today... unbelievable .

Thursday, May 16, 2019

we hit 90 degrees

Sitting eating dinner on the deck with flowers in the boxes and hitting 90 degrees for the first time this year was nice!!
Tomorrow is supposed to be the same but a little more humid....
then we get rain and thunderstorms this weekend... oh well. Must remember to take the cushions in Friday night!!

it's been a hectic week

It has been a super hectic week.... my sister-in-law drove to our house from South Carolina to visit for a week.
Last weekend was the US Mothers' Day so that meant lots of company. Our 12 year old grand son made sloppy joe's for Sunday's dinner using his uncle's favorite recipe. He doubled the recipe so we are still eating leftovers!
Last weekend was also the "Spring Stars" four day online bear show.

Then you add all the usual visitor type add-on stuff... and a dinner out with my quilting ( stitch and bitch group) group...
Add to that, I did something to "the leg" which caused all sorts of pain....

My sister-in-law headed out this morning for South Carolina... a long two day car trip.  I will miss her but some only " the two of us again" will be good!!   Also it will mean the leg can rest!!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Tai Chi

Our dues for the local Y comes from our health insurance plan so when Bob saw on the calendar that the Y holds "Tai chi" classes twice a week, we decided to give it a try.
I now feel exhausted and totally un-co-ordinated (?)...I can't follow the teacher's hands and feet at the same time. Hopefully I will improve!  There are several people who do chair tai chi... I may resort to that until I have the arm /hands movements down pat.

Spring must be here. Bob got the lawn mower out of its winter storage and did its spring overhaul.... and then he mowed the yard!! We still have some of last fall's leaves to bag up. I wish we could have a bonfire but that's illegal here. The trash collectors have to pick leaves and garden waste up separately and in special bags that can decompose and take them to a special landfill.

Blue Springs has four thrift stores... Goodwill, Salvation Army, Disabled Vets and Habitat for Humanity. We try not to throw away things that could be donated. Today we took a trunk load to Goodwill.

Now we're back to thunderstorms and lightening... it's 9 pm. Good thing we brought in the chair cushions from the deck. LOL

Thursday, May 2, 2019

sunny - hip hip hooray

Today it was sunny even though a little cool. So I decided to follow my orthopedic surgeon's advice and get some walking in. The leg is healed and the OS is pleased with himself, but it does ache near my hip and supposedly walking is good.
So off to Blue Springs' Railroad Park. It has bricks marking the path in tenths of a mile. One circumference is  four tenths of a mile. The playgrounds were empty much to the delight of the Canadian geese. The inlets to the "lake" were still flowing briskly due to all our rain and the city's ground crews were mowing.
I wish I had taken my hospital provided grabber because the park had loads of trash probably blown in  or brought in by the rain. I don't like trying to pick things up along the lake - had visions of falling in!  But did manage to get quite a lot picked up and put into the trash barrels. Felt good about that!!

I gave up after doing 1.2 miles... more next time??  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

thunder and rain

Woke up this morning to thunder and lots of rain.... there are large "pools" of water all over .
It is super gray out and the temperature hovers in the 50's.  Good day to stay home and sew bears... or knit.. or crochet.

More storms later today... tomorrow and Thursday ... and possible flooding.  Flood watches are out.

at work... bear parts in my lap!!