Sunday, January 13, 2019

oh-oh yesterday

We had rain in the morning and then when everything was nice and wet, the snow started ! Sticking to everything especially trees that still had leaves. And power lines... After about 8 inches fell... dense stuff... the electricity went off!! No power... outages all over the Kansas City area. Not everyone but enough that the KCP&L had workers come in from other areas.

So we had an afternoon of reading and snow shoveling ( BOB)... and as things got darker I started looking for candles. Luckily we had enough! Our furnace is gas but we need electricity to run the fan etc. The gas insert fireplace kept the family room warm and with matches lighting our gas stove I was able to cook dinner.
As Bob said, candles are romantic but that's about it.  8 hours later the lights came back on !! He is deciding on what we need to make another no electricity reasonable...

We did have limbs fall, as did our neighbors, so after the snow melts Bob will have cut them up into
permissible size. The trash company won't take BIG stuff in their green pick up.... green stuff doesn't go to a landfill, Missouri law,  it is composted .

Friday, January 4, 2019

road trip

Bob and I discovered a winery ( via Facebook) about 45 minutes away by car. The website said it would be open for tastings today and tomorrow so we decided to go!
We haven't left the Kansas City area since Tigger broke my leg and a road trip sounded just what I needed. We headed East on  I-70 for about 18 miles and then headed North. The land around us quickly became fields waiting for spring planting - mostly corn and soy beans. Cattle fields were empty... have they been slaughtered or are they in barns for the winter?
About 45 minutes later we came across signs for the winery and small fields of grape vines. The winery has a nice small lake and an open deck with seating where one can sit when the weather is warm and probably drink the wine. We're not sure since it wasn't open ( even though the website had said it would be!). Only sign of life was someone in a road grader working on the gravel roads!
Oh well... we'll go back!
We went home a different way... heading further North to the old road that follows the Missouri River. The river had chunks of ice floating in it and the current was really fast.  We went through the little towns of Wellington and Napoleon ... and then Levasy, Sibley and Buckner.
This part of Missouri had slaves and Civil War battles.  Large plantation homes were on top of the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River... keeping the residents safe from Yellow Fever ... unlike those who lived in the river bottoms...

Being away from home... even if only 45 minuted by car ... was good!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


We live on a cul-de-sac of 6 houses and have two new neighbors to the right of us. Not sure which it was since the driveways connect at the street, but one of them set of LOADS of fireworks at midnight.  The rockets flew across the circle and set off LOUD bangs!!

Actually fireworks are illegal in my town except on the Fourth of July.

Jack and Tigger ( The cats) were nervous and upset... hid under chairs.... tails going a mile a minute... and didn't settle for quite awhile. No sleeping on beds or laps.  Wonder what July Fourth will bring in the way of fireworks and how the cats will take it.  Our cul de sac has been quiet for quite a few years..

Saturday, December 29, 2018

we're waiting

The packages are gone... the cookies have been eaten, but we are still enjoying the tree, the lights and the decorations. So... we are going to wait awhile before taking things down.  The weather "person" mentioned rain and cold next week but the first weekend in January is supposed to have highs in the low  50's..... good time to take the lights down, right?

My younger daughter, teacher with husband and kids, is always super busy to I arranged a trip to Starbucks for Chai Lattes and chocolate croissants and a chance to talk ... just the two of us.  Very enjoyable!!

Since my elder daughter's husband is on the road during the week, we have more chance to talk... in her home office while she has a cigarette and her Dad is keeping an eye on the 6 month old doggie disaster! BTW Harper has found a way to get out of her cage without opening the locked door.

New Year's Eve is just around the corner... hope you all enjoy the celebrations !!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

When do you take the decorations down??

We all madeit  through our first Christmas without Robb. A few teary moments but for the most part we "made it"! 

The usual tree, lights and decorations are up... making sure the memory things are in sight. We have a few more holiday get togethers planned and of course New Year's Eve.... then we will pack things away till next year with the hope that 2019 will be a better year for us all...

When do you take things down??

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

playing around... found comments... and Merry Christmas

Just thought I'd tell everyone that I finally found my comments and have published them ( except for the spam ones - some were pretty crude).
Sometime last spring blogger must have made changes in its format... but I won't mot see them again!!

We all had a very nice Christmas. My daughters and their families came for brunch bringing most of the food!  My grand daughter had her first mimosa - light on the prosecco - with no negative results. After eating wonderful STUFF we exchanged presents.
And while the smokers lit up , we sat on the deck and talked!!

Hopefully your Christmas was a good as ours