Tuesday, August 15, 2017

More accomplished

Well... we accomplished quite a bit!!  A batch of concord grape jam, brandied cherries and more tomato sauce!!
We had tomatoes left so I took them home and spent today turning them into spaghetti sauce.... 5 quarts ! At this point, I don't want to see any more tomatoes unless they are in a salad or on a BLT sandwich...

( last night my grand daughter and I went back to school clothes shopping!! With all the sales going on, we came  back with two large bags fulls!  Good time was had as well!!  My grandson is next after I recuperate from canning!)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

More canning

Robb wants to can more tomato stuff so ordered more canners from the veggie stand...Picked the tomatoes up this morning so we will be canning again this weekend. 
I was tempted by the idea of plum jam and  asked if there would be any later this summer. The answer was "yes, next Wednesday!". Will have to do some searching for a good recipe!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summertime canning

Robb and I are planning a canning session for this weekend!!  He did a search and came up with a new tomato sauce recipe... one where you roast the tomatoes and veggies ( onions, peppers, garlic ) first. The roasting time is quite long and at low temperature and should shorten the cook down time!!

We are also planning on strawberry and jalapeno jam and blueberry jam with maybe some spices,  real ginger , lemon and lemon peel.

I had thought to include peach jam but we still have some from last year.

I went to the Raymore farmers' market for " canners " and veggies.... lots of samples were available and I came home with a yummy loaf of bread and lamb brats from  Hi Ho Sheep Farm .  
I have bought their lamb products before but not brats .  Plus all the produce we needed..

Now  I have to get all my "equipment" together and jars and lids and.... to take to Robb's . Then add all the stuff he has.

Our canning session is small compared to my sister-in-law's Mother. Rose was from a large Italian family in Geneva, NY.  Her garden had 150 tomato plants each year and she had a second kitchen in the basement where it was cool and "boy, did she can!" And cook!!

Will try to add pictures next time!!  Well... the pictures didn't go where I planned but here's our first of 2017's canning... blueberry, strawberry jalapeno and tomato sauce.
I had 10 tomatoes left so this morning I did a quick peel, cook, immersion blend  etc.  I ended up with 2.5 pints of spaghetti sauce with onions, peppers and garlic !

Monday, July 24, 2017


It seems like everyone and I mean everyone is excited about the upcoming eclipse. We live in a great area for seeing it and many will be taking a half-day at work !!!
One of the Missouri wineries we visited earlier this spring gave us eclipse glasses which I have been careful not to loose!!
Many towns... many wineries... a dairy etc. are planning eclipse events.... Not sure if we will do more than sit on the deck and watch it get dark!!! 
Blue Springs is just east of Independence.. so maybe  a little jaunt north and east would get us a better viewing???

Monday, July 10, 2017

Robb's bucket list finished??

No... his sabbatical is over  ( 3500 emails awaited his arrival back at work!!). We did get a lot accomplished but not everything!! His new IKEA wall is done and lots of stuff moved into it... freeing up lots of other spaces. His fence to match the neighbors is done and they will be staining both his and theirs ...so that's done!!
   One thing he organized that wasn't a project was taking everyone to Kansas City's Starlight Theater where we saw "Jersey Boys" ... I told my grand daughter and grandson that this was my music ... Frankie Valli !  Everyone had a good time even if I was afraid that we couldn't find the right parking lot and our cars in the dark!!
   Now that he is back to work... we have GOT to get going on some long put off stuff. So today we brought in the ladder and got back to removing wallpaper in the entry way. Luckily we had done a good job priming before putting on the paper, but with the stairs and two story heights it is a major task!!  We are almost finished with the removal.... next is washing to get the glue off...then patching and sanding!! Then picking paint....

Friday, June 23, 2017

Busy busy week...

Our son is on what QuikTrip calls a sabbatical. He's worked for them for 25 years and so gets a paid one month vacation. He assembled a bucket list of things he wants to get done ( after going to Biloxi and meeting up with friends for a weekend).
This is the first thing....
A wall of storage units from IKEA.... Getting everything to his house from the store was a project in itself. Except for the butcher block counter top ... it is done. My husband and son are pooped! IKEA instructions are non-verbal and cryptically graphic!! And cover more than one version at a time. Making things more difficult!  But we all think it looks great and will be very handy. The butcher block counter top will be where the crock pots simmer away and serving done. There will be electricity!!

The next project was one Lili ( my grand daughter) and I accomplished... the front beds. We trimmed the bushes, weeded, trimmed the beech tree and so on.... The final touch was loads of black mulch. Luckily Lowe's put it on sale the day we  finished!!
Lili's uncle made a financial contribution to his niece.... teenagers always need money.  Lili has a return work day this fall.
BTW... black mulch leaves one's hands black ( washable) and one's nails grungy gray. Soap doesn't help!!

The rest of the list is more "fun"....

I have been getting ready for this show....

Fuzzy Frenzy starts Sunday at 11 am Eastern ... Here is the


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Prim Folk Fest ... W Des Moines Iowa

The Prim Folk fest is this Saturday ,,,,  It is being held in the Decades Event Venue in West Des Moines, Iowa.  I am expecting to see chain saw carving.... lots of bears.... steam punk items... prim things and so on!!  It should be fun.
   Actual, physical, shows are getting fewer and fewer in the MidWest so I am looking forward to reconnecting with other artists and vendors.  And looking forward to hearing what collectors have to say!
    I have been knitting up a storm... lots of little sweaters made from leftover sock yard.  Here is Thomas wearing a sweater and beret surrounded by more sweaters!

The balls of leftover yarn aren't really enough for large sweaters... I have combined yarns for some. When I run out.... that won't happen for awhile ... I will buy yarn and knit sweaters for bigger bears or bear friends!!