Thursday, October 17, 2019

Real "pumpkin" rant

I just read a rant from Real Simple magazine about canned pumpkin.  The gist being that it isn't really pumpkin after all but a variety of squashes!!

Actually I couldn't care a bit.  I tried making pumpkin for pie one year from my son's Halloween pumpkin.  Boy was the flesh very very wet and it took forever to cook down and still wasn't very pumpkin-y.

I'd rather open a can of so-called pumpkin and know that the consistency and flavor will be what I expect it to be and will make my pumpkin pie..cookies or whatever right!!  And the US gov't agrees with me and has very loose pumpkin regulations.

Monday, October 14, 2019

book cases and reorganizing

Our local used bookstore has closed... they had a huge sale and were lucky enough to find someone who wanted ALL the leftover books.... and then posted on Facebook that they had bookcases for sale. $20 and up each!
We stopped by and reserved two while the new owners were still boxing up their purchases. They have till the end of October. I wonder whether they will finish !?
Today we went back for our two bookcases .. on the way home from the gym. So we were already exhausted.... It took two trips in our SUV . Bob couldn't close the back hood so we used elastic type cords to make sure the bookcase couldn't slide out.
Then it was time to rearrange stuff. The new bookcases were too tall to put in the office closet but we had two shorter ones already that would!  Hooray... new bookcases in one of the bedrooms and the two shorter old ones in the office closet.

so... some stuff will go to the thrift stores... some stuff in the trash and some stuff to their new places. Success!!

Bob is still deciding where things should go and I am watching (!!)  still tired from lugging bookcases from the car to the second story bedroom, old bookcases from bedroom to office  and working out.  Good excuse, right?!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Freeze tonight???

The weatherperson has been saying over and over that we might have a freeze early tomorrow morning... the first of the year. He also predicts that we will be in the 50's to 60's for the highs next week.
I brought in my potted plants from our deck but the ones in the front will have to take their chances.

Our driveway is covered with acorns and every time we drive in or out they go crunch when driven over!! Why don't the squirrels eat them all!??

Next morning...

 We didn't have a freeze but a few plants look a little worse for wear!! Maybe I will replace them with some mums!  A little color would be nice.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fall... and keeping busy

Today it is almost cool enough to turn on the fireplace insert... almost. Looking out the windows I see rain and leaves beginning to turn. The flame bushes, dogwoods and some maples are the first.

Bob and I went to the gym and did our routines. He quit before I did !! Huzzah ! Later I treated him to lunch at Panera's ... Cuban sandwiches and a cup of soup. I had squash and he had broccoli cheese. The place was packed ! So we ended up eating on two easy chairs with plates on our laps. We were good... no spills or stains!! The food was good... next time we go later in the afternoon!  Now I don't feel guilty about making him "eat out of the fridge" tonight.

I have traced out three bears for this evenings "stitch and bitch" meeting. An online bear show is coming up and I want to have more ready! So far the ones I have ready are mostly Christmas or winter themed... may make a few that are not!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fed Ex arrival

The Fed Ex man and his truck arrived at our front door this morning. We weren't expecting anything so...
The long flower box smelled wonderful as we "worked" on getting it open. Knife... scissors... etc.  and we finally managed to open it.
Surprise fresh flowers from my elder daughter and her husband!!  Followed the instructions and cut off the bottoms of the stems, added flower food and water!! Now we are waiting for them to "adapt". In the meantime the kitchen smells wonderful!

Pictures tomorrow...  BTW the flowers came from Ecuador !  A "fur piece" !

BTW today it was fall-like. Temps dropped to mid 60's. We have had off and on again rain showers too!  Who knows what is next!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October... fall? No way yet!

Today is another gorgeous day.... blue skies and temperatures in the 80's ! I decided a walk in our park would be a good idea. Lots and lots of Canada geese lazying around or swimming in the little lake... I counted 25 in the water !
Easy to see that the kids are back in school... not a single one when I got there. Then a few preschoolers  showed up with their grandparents to play in the sandbox which is really a sand volley ball court. No matter... they were having fun.

Our YMCA is closing at the end of the month. Bob and I have found a substitute for our Silver Sneakers membership... thank goodness!  My physical therapists have transitioned me from exercises to machines so a new gym is necessary if I want to maintain the improvements they made on my leg!  Which of course I do!  I don't think I will ever be totally pain free ( Thanks Tigger!) but I do feel much better and unless I am super tired.. I don't limp !  Hooray to my physicians assistant for sending me to pt and hooray to the therapists !!

The Kansas City/ Missouri area is having floods again and road closures. Some of the work done on the Missouri River levees has been ruined and will have to be done over.  We are 17 inches above normal in rainfall and still have three months of the year to go.
Looking out of the window, everything is still very very green... only acorns littering the driveway indicate that fall (  should be ) is on its way!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

PBS's "Country Music" Documentary by Ken Burnes

My DH and I have been watching the Ken Burns "Country Music" documentary on PBS television...tonight was episode #4. I have been so surprised at how little I knew of this genre and its history ... and how little I knew about Nashville and its history.
Certainly there were stars I followed in the late '50's .... but this genre didn't play on the radio stations I listened to back then.
SO... I'm learning a lot!!

If you've missed this on your PBS tv.... I'm sure it will be repeated and like the other Ken Burns documentaries, it shouldn't be missed.