Friday, May 24, 2013

Back from St. Louis and East

The Bright Star St. Louis show was a little quiet for everyone!  Two of the "local" bear artists ( George Weber and Art Rogers) were off to Japan for a wonderful opportunity to show their wares ... and were greatly missed! But we had plenty of chances to catch up with everyone!!! And Valerie treated us all to a great box lunch!!
After the show Bob and I headed EAST for a family visit with my brother-in-law. As usual he had a list of chores for Bob!  I spent my time working  on a bear for the next Teddies Worldwide online show... coming up at the end of June.
Luckily the  really bad weather missed Blue Springs.... but the rain made the grass grow prodigiously and Bob is stuck with mowing!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Off to St. Louis

I've packed all the bears and their friends...and got all the necessary stuff together ! We'll be heading East EARLY Sunday morning for the Bright Star St. Louis show! Looking forward to seeing bear people again!!

Monday, May 6, 2013


We have had some crazy up and down weather this spring.... and even a May snow storm. We had two very wet inches on the deck Friday morning! Luckily the trees weren't totally leafed out... if they had been we would have had lots of tree damage.
Just before the snowstorm we had several wonderful days in the 70's !
After the snowstorm... cold and very wet! 

so rather than the usual spring clean up work... I had time to make some bears!  Here is Piers, a little anime style bear made from a yellow gold mohair with a green backing. He is admiring a flower... does he realize that there's a bee on one of the leaves? Piers is up on both etsy and BearPile!

Just heard the weather again... after a nice day today ( about 70 and sunny) we are going back to cold and wet on Wednesday. Guess that means more bears!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Teddy Bear and Friends Picnic

Here is the postcard the promoter sent me!!  I will be printing it to take along to bear shows... I have a Bright Star show in St. Louis coming up May 19th. I have included a link for more information!