Friday, November 27, 2009

December 2nd Blog/Store Giveaway Day....two items!

I'm going to post this early since we are away from home and I'm nervous about making the deadline!

Many people seem to love vintage clutch balls, so my giveaway is this little one plus a copy of the pattern ( just as my sister-in-law sent it!) I shrunk the pattern down to make this little one. It is three inches in diameter.. just the right size for teddy bear accessory, ornament or pincushion. I used upholstery velvet in forest green and a pinky-brown (terra cotta) -kind of Christmasy!

Giveaway number 2 is one of my daughter's appliqued tote bags... it is navy, pink and green ...lined, about 15" wide with handles/straps..
I will add more details later... I'm away visiting , the bag is in Missouri.

So there will be two winners but not two raffles! They will be chosen on December 6th ! I will have each in the mail by December 12th! I will mail internationally!

Please leave a comment if you wish to be entered and make sure I can contact you by email for your shipping address. One comment will get you a chance for both items!
Good luck! I'm going to check out the other giveaways!

Here's the link back to SewMamaSew

Sorry to be slow moderating comments... we had no phone or DSL when we got back to KC... and the AT&T guy isn't coming till Saturday. I am at the library using their WIFI ! I will post the winners on Monday AM early and will email the winners for their shipping details!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Little polymer resin "mousies" in walnut shells.... The instructions came from Roots and Wings Co !

Monday, November 23, 2009

many shops and blogs giveaway

The Sewmamasew blog is organizing a "giveaway" for a group of blogs and shops. It will start on December 2, 2009. All the winners will be chosen on the 6th to be mailed to their new owners by the 12th. I'm going to participate!
I will be posting with a picture of my item early... either late the 1st or early the 2nd.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Atlanta's Indie Experience

It looks like both men have agreed to a jaunt to the Southern part of Atlanta! 100 vendors will have set up for Atlanta's Indie ! I've never seen an "Indie"... they are all over the US but not in the Kansas City area.... I will report back!

Well... it was like walking into lots of little shops... tiny little booths... lots of things similar to what I've seen before... some unique things and some booths with a different twist. It was southwest Atlanta...or as my son puts it, in old Atlanta. Not old historic Atlanta but from when Atlanta had 300,000 people not 6plus million! On the way back we went to the Sprull Art Center for their Christmas sale!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toby's going to Des Moines too!

Toby decided that Santa needed a helper. In exchange for his help, he could have a candy cane! As you can see, Toby is already licking his candy cane....
Toby is ready to go to Des Moines Show on Saturday.... hopefully some of the candy cane will still be there.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sammy wanted a hat too!

As Sammy was being finished, he let me know that he wanted a hat from that deep rose sweater too ! So I obliged... His is a stocking hat with a pompom on the end. Sammy is 6" tall with reverse fabric paw pads. He comes with a "snow man" ornament filled with candy canes.
Sammy is getting ready for a trip to Des Moines, Iowa for the Doll and Bear Show this Saturday. It's being held in the Iowa Fairgrounds, Walnut Bldg.

Friday, November 6, 2009

new hat and scarf for HappyToo

I found a wonderful deep rose wool sweater... so I felted it and made HappyToo a new hat and scarf. After all it's going to get much colder quite soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eek! a mouse

Eek is a very small furry brown mouse with pink paw pads, tail, ears and nose. He also has dark brown ( horse tail) whiskers.... and loves candy! Nothing is safe from him!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

something new... Lapin

I finished him in between Trick or Treaters! I thought about adding teeth ( not really) and turning him into "Bunnilla", but decided that a carrot eating regular bunny would be best.
Lapin is 5.5" long by 4+" tall and was felted from alpaca.