Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Deck Time

We have been housebound "forever".... yesterday we ordered online from Applebee's!  After picking our order we went home... I poured two glasses of wine and took our order out onto the deck where we sat in the sunshine... and ate!!
Tonight we will do the same but with something I cooked!

My non-profit working daughter will spend her day doing food pantry deliveries...

With the possibility of the CDC telling everyone to wear masks, I think I will make a few more for us.  Luckily , since elastic is in low supply, I still have some ! I wonder whether my husband would wear a mask with little monkeys and hearts. Or should I find fabric in my stash that is more "masculine"...    Homemade fabric masks are not the best... but better than nothing and can be washed.   Made masks using our local MLB - Royals - fabric !

Bob has to go the pharmacy to pick up his pills. I have asked him to buy milk while he is there. Saves me a trip out . I am still stocked up on the rest of our grocery needs.


Terra said...

I have heard doctors say that the purpose of masks is to stop us touching our face, so any mask including home made, or even a bandana, serves that purpose. Monkeys and hearts fabric might not be hubby's first choice. Be well.

Joanne Noragon said...

Wearing a mask in public is a good practice.