Thursday, April 9, 2020

Another day

For some reason Bob woke up really early this morning and so as soon as we did our ablutions and and got dreseed we snatched up our shopping list and headed to the grocery store... to get the fresh stuff our pick up grocery shop didn't have.
The store has made changes since our last trip.... a path in and out of the store boxed in with grocery carts....  a worker keeping track of the goings in and out and the number of shoppers.  The store had more elderly shoppers than I expected even though we were there during the time slot set aside for us oldies. All the shelves had something.... and the meat and produce sections were full.... now that I think about it, the store looked pretty much as usual.  Wonder if the store will look that way by the end of the day??
The checkout area has plexiglass between the shopper and the cashier...

Our gorgeous 89 degree weather yesterday has gone... we are still going up and down. This weekend is supposed to be wet, cold and nasty.... maybe that will keep some people home from church. They can watch Easter services online !  BTW  our weather man  is televising the weather from his driveway at home...the tv with his maps is sitting on the back end of his SUV..

This afternoon Missouri's governor  cancelled physical school for the rest of the year... though online learning will still go one.  My daughter's superintendent just emailed the teachers etc. I think she is glad just to know definitely.

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