Friday, April 17, 2020

Art show story

I follow Joanne from "Cup on the bus" and  today I found myself reading a "story" about when she and her sister were attending art shows and selling their weaving.   It brought back a memory of when I was first making and selling teddy bears and my daughter, who went along with me, was 9 or 10 years old. Since she is now a teacher and the mother of my grandchildren 13 and 17, you can see how long ago that was!  Anyway I would set  up my booth and she would take off to see "everything". But she also would take one of my bears along with her, As she wandered around she would tell people that her mother had made the bear and that I had a booth...being a cute little girl, people would listen and then come and find me..

Still housebound and somewhat bored. I am reading a lot and today I made masks. I have been digging through my bear making stash and sighing.I will cut out some bears and maybe start on a few.

The weather is not nice... it snowed this morning when I went out for the paper and it is gray and cold. A walk doesn't seem to much like fun so I have started doing laps around our main floor - dining room, kitchen, living room and family room. Last night Tigger the Tripper followed me while I did 10 laps. So far he hasn't gotten between my feet!!  Fingers crossed! His curiosity must have been satisfied... he didn't follow me today.

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Joanne Noragon said...

You devil, you. That was a great sales tool. My weaver friend who sold fabulous rugs would roll them up and tie them with a strip of fabric that made a sling to carry the rug over their shoulder, like a Continental Soldier, I used to say when I helped her. Of course everywhere they went in the show, people would ask where they got the rug.