Tuesday, March 17, 2020

no flour..... school plans

Bob needed to drop off a package at the Post Office and a ham radio to someone who lives nearby... so he decided to stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up a bag or two of flour.... no deal. Not a single bag on the shelf!!

My younger daughter teaches high school English... school is closed physically ( due to the coronavirus)  but each student has an i-pad that has been taken home. She has to have her lesson plan online by 8 am. Then she has to be available online for 1.5 hours in the morning and again in the afternoon  so if a student has a question she can answer it. So the students are still learning. I assume written work can be emailed to my daughter who can correct and grade it.
I was glad to hear this...having kids miss possibly months of school was disheartening.

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Joanne Noragon said...

It's actually encouraging to hear flour gone from the shelves. Just think, with google for directions, it will be like olden times.