Sunday, March 1, 2020

beautiful outside

The thermometer says it is almost 60 F outside... my view from our office is one of a cloudless blue sky!! No daffodils or snowdrops... no buds on the trees,  but the grass is getting greener!
Next weekend is Daylight Savings time... longer days and lighter mornings. Hooray

Started this yesterday and the weather is still warm but a little grayer today.  Taking advantage of both days I went on a walk yesterday and to the gym this morning.

We met my elder daughter and her husband for dinner last night... we went to the restaurant where my grand daughter works ( the child of my younger daughter) . Since she is not old enough to waitress due to the liquor laws , she buses, seats people and brings out to cars food people have ordered online and are picking up.
We all got hugs !!
She likes her job and works mostly evenings andweekends ... she's in college too.

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Kay said...

Happy spring, Bettina! I remember being so happy when the days started getting longer in Illinois.