Tuesday, March 24, 2020

new life continues

Bob and I did a quick grocery shop on Monday ... early. The store was quiet and some shelves ( such as pasta) empty. Commercial bread gone... some store bakery bread and rolls were available. Got milk and salad stuff , cat food , bananas and wine!! We should be set for at least as week.   We were very thorough cleaning when we got home.

Today we tried ordering dinner online...not successful. Tried calling the restaurant but the young man answering the phone said that they were using a call center and could not take our order.  Tried the call center... too busy!

A friend's daughter is a pediatric doctor in Miami. Saw my posting on facebook and asked for a mask for herself and her roommate. Masks are being locked up in her hospital!! Sent four! Will make more if she asks..

My daughter is teaching her classes online. She and another teacher posted a video ( that he made) on how to go to the library's online site and download books.  She made " an assignment"  that the students had to complete using a new book the student had chosen. She teaches 9th grade English. The kids liked the fact that they got to choose the book!

My grandson is now being "homeschooled" ... He set up "an account"yesterday and has to check in everyday and see what has been assigned.  Reminded him he needs to practice his trombone!  He is in Middle School - 8th grade

The Blue Springs School District is making sure kids get food each day... the schools do a site pick up plus there are 6 other sites around town where kids can get lunch each day.

We are finally beginning to look like Spring.  My daughter gave me a daffodil when she was in college eons ago. Each year it sends out a flower and I can see it from my computer desk chair... it's blooming!!  I can also see a tree covered with white flowers in me neighbor's yard.  Waiting for the dogwood next to the tree to bloom!!

Schools and Universities and colleges probably won't meet again this semester... when then do ( hopefully next fall) things will be very different. 

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Joanne Noragon said...

I passed along the facemask pattern to a fellow blogger in the west. I believe she now is a follower.
My sisters' quilt guild is making masks for a local hospital.