Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Men Knitting

There has been a lot of talk on blogs about crafting during this pandemic. I came across this photo on Facebook!  It made me remember my Mother telling me about her Father during WWI.  Her Father was English and working for his wife's German  family business - silk ties - in Krefeld, Germany. As war broke out he was taken to a POW camp outside of Berlin where he spent the whole war, incarcerated with others, including a group of British  sailors.... who taught him to knit. When he was released he brought home sweaters he had knitted for my Grandmother.
My Grandmother was allowed to visit him... she took the train monthly from Krefeld to Berlin.  I don't know whether he knit after the war though I do know he took my Mother and my Grandmother to England ASAP.

We have been lucky food supplies-wise. Everything on my lists has been available.... not so much with cleaning supplies  and brands of toilet paper... but enough.

This  pandemic has led me to printing out recipes to try...Those that haven't been "to our liking" have been pitched!! I'm trying another today... I found I had everything I needed but rice  vinegar so , fingers crossed, I will use white. Or should I use red wine or apple cider vinegar?? Not in the mood to dash to the grocery store !
Decided to google "substitute for rice vinegar" ... recommended apple cider vinegar. So I will!


Joanne Noragon said...

I would have gone for a google solution, too.
So many sailors picked up needle work during that war.

Kay said...

After not going grocery shopping for over 6 weeks, we shall go this week with trepidation.