Sunday, May 17, 2020

gorgeous day... so far

It is gorgeous outside... super sunny with just a slight breeze. Our grocery store curbside pick up was scheduled for 10 to 11 am so off we went.
Everything on my list was loaded into our trunk and home we went. It was nice to actually be out of the house ! Not much has changed except everything is super green.
We lugged our bags into the house and unloaded them and put things away. Threw the plastic and paper bags away and washed our hands! Wish we could use our own bags.
We are looking forward to the salmon fillets we ordered  for dinner tonight!

I dreamed about bear making last night.... making a red. white and blue one for the Fourth of July/Independence Day.  I will have to search  through my stash and see if I have the right stuff!!

 later ...  found the red, white and blue mohair and have started work on some accessories to go with the bear. Tomorrow I will start on the bear.  Bright Star's next online show : Furry Friends  is the end of June.

The flowers I planted in the boxes on our deck railing have really gown.  I need to check out our garden center's herb plant availability.  I really like being able to zip outside for some basil.. oregano... parsley ... or what ever.



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Joanne Noragon said...

I resent not using our own bags. We can, if we pack the bags, and I cannot pack fast enough to satisfy the needs of the line. It's a no win, no win.