Thursday, December 19, 2019

not melting .....

When we had that 6 - 7 inch snowfall the weatherman said we would get warm enough to melt it. Wrong!! 
The local schools closed Monday and Tuesday but Bob was able to shovel the driveway and the snowplow did one swoop around the cuk-de-sac.
We are going in and out easily... but the snow is still here!

Monday night we joined my daughter and her husband in buying Christmas things for several Adopt-a-family families. We ended up spending three hours with lists of wants, needs and sizes!!  Kohl's and Target employees were very helpful... actually very eager to help! They bagged things up by families so that additional sorting wouldn't have to be done when wrapping began !  All this goes to clients of Phoenix Family ... a non-profit Laurel works for ... so everything was tax-free!  Choosing the right and making sure we kept to budget... was "Christmasy" !

Last night my "quilting" group had its annual  Christmas"out-to dinner" and gift exchange. We all had a great time and received all sorts of little presents and cards!!  Plus lots of chit chat !!

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Terra said...

Your Christmas get together and the Adopt a Family shopping sound like fun ways for you to get ready for Christmas. My church is abuzz with helping others with Adopt a Family, and with joy.