Monday, July 13, 2020

school ??

My grandson was to start 9th grade at the end of the summer. Our school district gave him the choice of virtual school or actual physical school. Not sure what safety precautions were to be taken but he and his parents decided that virtual learning would be his choice for at least the first half of the year. The school district will provide him with a Chromebook and one of his parents will be with him during school... not online with him but in the same room. He will be able to go to after school marching band practice which will be held outdoors with masks ( when not playing) and social distancing.
His Mother is a teacher in a near by school district - in the elementary gifted program. She is working on how she will handle this if her school district doesn't have physical school... She says this is the direction the school district is heading.

Our area's - four counties including Kansas City ( both the Missouri and Kansas sides)  - is still growing Covid 19 -wise. Parts have mask requirements.  My family - not just my husband and me - are being careful wearing masks etc.

So... it's back to mask making for me.


Joanne Noragon said...

I like the plan. Chromebooks are good.

Jo said...

Children here have been learning from home since March. It's coming up to the summer holidays now but as far as I know, they're supposed to be returning in September. I suppose it's a case of waiting and seeing what happens.