Monday, July 20, 2020

life goes on

Life goes on... working on things for the next online show.... reading and so on.  Not sleeping too well. Too many dreams. Had one last night with my son as a late teenager. Not a bad dream until I remembered that there was no reason to pack up his stuff for our move... (dream story line). That made me hit rock bottom and wake up.

My daughter called... just to chat. But moved onto her will. It seems as if a lot of teachers are doing that. She downloaded a form and is in the process of filling it out and will go to the bank to get it notarized. This doesn't make her feel very good nor does her plan to daily self-quarantine if she has to go back to teaching in a building rather than online. She wants to keep her family as safe as possible.

And there we are... not able to do anything to help either of our daughters ( and their families) but listen. And keep ourselves as safe as possible so that they don't have to worry about us.

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Terra said...

I can relate about all the worry and concern about your daughters. Your daughter being a mom and a teacher and wanting to keep herself and her family safe is understandable. My sons have both mentioned planning to write a will, the times let our thoughts go in that direction. Let's all do spirit lifting things when we can.