Sunday, July 26, 2020

He can fix anything

Last night the clip that connects the toilet handle to the flapper corroded into nothingness!! Bob said he would fix it today... just take the tank cover off and hand move the flapper to flush!
Today he found new replacement toilet stuff in his stash and went to work. Easier said than done since all the nuts for the handle had also corroded and he was afraid he might break the porcelain around the hole.
But my husband that can fix anything... did fix things. Tidied up and put the toilet back together!!

In the 50 plus years we have been married we have had a plumber only once ... when Robb was a baby and jammed a baby food jar lid down the toilet. Bob watched the plumber and learned how to get the john up !!
We did have
someone in to lay and connect gas lines when we switched the stove from electric to gas... but that's it!!

Three cheers for Bob !!

He 's older and grayer now but not too different!

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Joanne Noragon said...

Any man who hold his wife's purse is a superhero.