Thursday, April 11, 2019

Spring ??

We have been ridding our lawn etc. of last year's leaves. With as many trees as we have... and there are lots. We have oaks, maples and a gum tree which leaves lots of little prickly balls.
Bob brought out the deck cushions and we had dinner out there last night. The temperature was over 80 degrees!  Our neighbors dogwoods, bradford pears, redbuds and magnolias are blooming. Lots of pollen in the air. ... oak and maple pollen will follow shortly!!
The weather person talks of snow and rain this weekend, but we are hoping that  this is further north. The Dakotas to Minnesota have snow already which means more water flowing into the Missouri River and its tributaries.  More flooding can be expected.

Bob has plans to take Harper for a walk to the park this afternoon. Our daughter will be home late so Bob's walk etc. will tide Harper over till our daughter  arrives home.

My next online bear show is getting closer. I have finished enough bears for it and just need to add PayPal buttons.

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