Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Getting ready

Life has been its usual hectic self... helping our Daughter with Harper while she gets ready for her fundraiser event...

 and preparing my "site" for the Spring Stars online bear show coming up on May 10th. My sister-in-law is coming for a few days just prior to the show so want to have everything done. I have my bears listed. Copy written and PayPal buttons done. I have room for one more bear and one in the works; but, should I add it?? Or have it "ready" for the next show??

Friends of ours from Texas are driving through the area on their way to Mexico, Mo. where the husband is taking a week long class on airplane building (?). We will meet them at a restaurant for dinner and catch up. I am looking forward to seeing them both and hearing more about the class.
Added benefit... no cooking tonight.

Maybe I will save this post and add more details about the class later ??   

 We all enjoyed dinner and talking. They are both taking the class which is two days long. The company ( Zenith Aircraft) puts out 6 plane kits and the class helps familiarize one with building a kit. You also get to ride in one of the planes ( already built ! LOL) . The company sent him a copy of the plane he wants to build so he could tell whether the part they are building will fit in the car for the trip back to Texas.  BTW he will be building the plane in his garage...
 One their way out of the restaurant I nagged him a bit about pictures... it will be interesting to hear how it all goes!

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Mama Spark said...

My husband, a pilot, has talked about building his own plane. Love to hear how you guys get on with that.