Saturday, April 13, 2019

colder... but no snow!! Hooray!

The temperatures have dropped but we are still dry - no rain and NO SNOW. All of that went north and then east. It may rain a little sometime this weekend. We will have to make sure to bring in the deck chair cushions.
We went out to dinner with our daughters last night (Thursday). We all did loads of talking, catching up etc. Very enjoyable... great food too. Our daughters' choices must have been super popular...since they were out and they have to choose something else.... lol
Back to the bank today for more discussions etc. Then off to the Twilight Stitchers ( local quilt group) for their annual show. Had fun choosing my favorites . You are handed a small clipboard with a voting sheet - you fill out your favorites in about 9 categories and hand it back in on your way out. There were quite a few vendors as well. Found some colorful wool felt ! We talked to the husband of a quilt shop owner who was selling and showing off vintage Singer machines. Also talked with someone who dyes her own fabrics... love her stuff!! Especially the ice dyed and batiks!
I grocery shopped on the way home... Bob left me at the store while he went and washed the car.

cont'd     Laurel's fundraiser is coming up quickly. The theme is the 70's. She is coming over to help me sew something ( costume) for daughter #2.
Daughter #2 and I found a pair of shoes for the event. Our local Payless is closing as are all the others but ours is one of the biggest. Found loads including a wild pair of red and black sneakers for my 11 year old grandson --- a huge 6 footer with size 13 feet! And a silvery clutch purse with silver chain for the prom my granddaughter is going to tonight!! Everything either 30% or 50% off!! Loved that!!

weatherperson said hard freeze last night... wrong again!

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