Monday, April 8, 2019

back home... still busy

Friday morning we left for Bob's ham radio convention in Branson, Missouri. The trip is about 2.5 to 3 hours long by car. Even after 30 plus years in Missouri I am surprised at how much area is still rural and undeveloped. There are some towns and we did go over arms of the Truman reservoir... and there are even small towns that died when the reservoir was developed.
Then there is the super hilly area around Branson... amazing how much the road builders cut into the hills for the road!
We arrived early enough to be "tourists" and went to the old part of Branson... The Landing area down on Lake Tanycomo. Cruised through an old-type Five and Dime... just like the old Ben Franklin and Woolworth. There lots of pre-printed pillow cases, table runners etc... ready to be embroidered and huge amounts of the old penny candy ( but they sure didn't cost a penny any more!). The place was huge and we didn't see everything ... partly because there were SO many people.
We went to a winery for a tasting and bought bottles to bring home.
We also went to Hollister - the next town south - where they were having a "chalk walk".  Artists and children were doing drawings on the sidewalk... a fund raiser to raise money for the town's summer time art programs. Each artist had a tip jar some of which we donated to.
Bob had fun at his convention. Helped the kit builders make their radios. All of them finished and were successful and Bob made it back to our room around 11 pm! He won a small raffle prize and I talked with conventioneers from Texas to South Carolina.

The weather was warm and sunny and in the time we were gone the forsythia bloomed, red bud trees bloomed and the dogwoods were budding.... and here in Blue Springs the magnolias are blooming too.

Here's one of the Hollister chalk drawings..

You'd think after all this we would settle in at home and do nothing on Sunday. Well, that's what Bob did. I joined my daughter at a fundraiser for her non-profit. We had fun... ate bratwurst, huge 14 inch pretzels and drank craft beers !!

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