Saturday, June 1, 2019

Blue Springs' Farmers' Market

The Blue Springs Farmers' Market is a small one... to be honest, a very small one but I do want to support it rather than go to the larger ones in Independence and Lee's Summit.  So I went this morning!
I came home with new green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, green onions  and some wonderful Mennonite baked goods.
I really enjoyed chatting with the Mennonite women who man the stall. We have chit chatted for years! I came home with sweet rolls, a mini strawberry and rhubarb pie and a new ( to them) cherry tartlets!!  None of which are good for my diet or Bob's ! But will be delicious!
One of the women gave me a gooseberry from the bowl she was working with.  When I was really little we had a bush outside the kitchen door. I don't remember those as hard and sour as this one was... but good for memories'  sake!!

Looks like we will be having BLT sandwiches soon... fresh non -grocery tomatoes!  Yum!

later... we had a sweet roll each for breakfast! Also yum...

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