Saturday, June 15, 2019

busy morning

At 8 am ... early for me ... I headed out to the Farmer's market. It's still small and I am hoping that the number of vendors will increase as more veggies are ripe!! I headed first to the Mennonite ladies booth for sweet rolls and a small apple pie. Then off for beets, green beans and tomatoes. They are more expensive here than in the grocery store but Bob and I decided the market needs supporting and are willing to pay more. The market also has non-veggie things but that's not for me.

One vendor and I were discussing the fact that students - both high school and college - are not as adept with counting change and literacy as they used to be. I said that we  ( the US) have an illiterate President - he says he doesn't read and look at the grammar in his tweets!!!   Boy the lack of response was " deafening " ... lol

Returned home to find that the circle was filled with cars, trucks,  a car pulling a flat bed wagon and a U-Haul.  My neighbor's house is sold and the family is moving out!  Looks like they have lots of friends and family to give them a hand. That makes the third ( of six) that have sold in the last few months...


CarmenT said...

Just thought I'd show your blog a little love. I am back on blogger for the first time in about a full five years and even then I made one post (that I thought I posted but I just found in the draft section and posted - lol) in a shorter but still lengthy time. I hope to be back in a "real" way this time. Anyway, as I was going through the features I came upon my (extensive)" reading list" of blogs and the recently posted list. That's where I found you. What made me click on "read more" was the fact that this particular post seemed to be a post like mine were. Personal and random. Hope this gives you some insight into what draws people (or at least this one person) to check you out. Keep on with what you are doing and I'll try to keep coming back every once in awhile. Take care.

Kay said...

Our country is definitely not being led by good example.