Thursday, June 13, 2019

What's that noise??

The driveway is full of trucks.. the basement is full of workers...
The noise is everyone working to replace our 44 year old furnace and air conditioner and 20 year old hot water heater !
The water has been turned off with the taps bleed the lines when the water is turned on!
The cats are locked in one of the bedrooms with food and a litter box ... and a trunk to look out the window to see what's making all the noise.

About 4pm they finished up ... taking all the old pieces and parts etc. Everything looks really good ... they checked out the new thermostat, hot water heater's temperatures and the new a/c. ...and turned the water back on!!

The cats were really good... boxed up in one of the bedrooms and bath. Little fussing !! But they were very glad to get OUT ! And surprisingly enough they weren't mad at us !  Bob gave them their dinner ( a can of wet cat food divided between them) early as a thank you!  There's always two bowls of dry food available....

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Kay said...

A 44 year old furnace and 20 year old water heater. Wow! Now they say that water heaters have only a 10-12 year life. Sigh. Ours is now 13 years old. Not good.