Thursday, May 30, 2019


All that's left is the trailer full of debris!!

Ten roofers came yesterday at 6 am... moved my potted plants... moved the deck furniture and went to work! They worked hard till 6.30 pm taking only 30 minutes for lunch. Someone even brought a microwave which was plugged into the electrical cord for the nail guns!
At 6.30 only two small ventilators were left to be installed and the trucks driven away. Everything was tidied and every put back in place!!
This morning the ventilators were installed and the conveyor truck driven off.... I'm sure someone will come for the debris trailer shortly.
Yesterday was rain and storm free and today will be the same.  I'm sure the men were glad for a solid work day. They are so behind. Today will be the same!!
The roof looks great!!


Joanne Noragon said...

So glad it's done, and though I didn't appreciate it, I'm glad we had the two solid days of rain, rather than you.

Kay said...

We're going to have painters one day soon and I'm not looking forward to that either.