Thursday, May 16, 2019

it's been a hectic week

It has been a super hectic week.... my sister-in-law drove to our house from South Carolina to visit for a week.
Last weekend was the US Mothers' Day so that meant lots of company. Our 12 year old grand son made sloppy joe's for Sunday's dinner using his uncle's favorite recipe. He doubled the recipe so we are still eating leftovers!
Last weekend was also the "Spring Stars" four day online bear show.

Then you add all the usual visitor type add-on stuff... and a dinner out with my quilting ( stitch and bitch group) group...
Add to that, I did something to "the leg" which caused all sorts of pain....

My sister-in-law headed out this morning for South Carolina... a long two day car trip.  I will miss her but some only " the two of us again" will be good!!   Also it will mean the leg can rest!!

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Joanne Noragon said...

A sister visit is a good thing. Glad you had a nice celebration.