Thursday, May 2, 2019

sunny - hip hip hooray

Today it was sunny even though a little cool. So I decided to follow my orthopedic surgeon's advice and get some walking in. The leg is healed and the OS is pleased with himself, but it does ache near my hip and supposedly walking is good.
So off to Blue Springs' Railroad Park. It has bricks marking the path in tenths of a mile. One circumference is  four tenths of a mile. The playgrounds were empty much to the delight of the Canadian geese. The inlets to the "lake" were still flowing briskly due to all our rain and the city's ground crews were mowing.
I wish I had taken my hospital provided grabber because the park had loads of trash probably blown in  or brought in by the rain. I don't like trying to pick things up along the lake - had visions of falling in!  But did manage to get quite a lot picked up and put into the trash barrels. Felt good about that!!

I gave up after doing 1.2 miles... more next time??  


diane b said...

It takes a while to get back into walking. Hang in there and keep trying. Take care picking up trash.

Mama Spark said...

Nice that you are working on keeping the lake area clear of trash.

Joanne Noragon said...

Good job. More than I would have walked, possibly excepting under duress.