Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Winter slogs onward....any relief in sight??

Area schools are closed again. Our big, much touted, winter storm early Sunday morning only resulted in 2-4 inches of snow. Bob said that the snow was pretty light and shoveling was pretty easy.
But the school closings are due to the really really cold temperatures! This is the 9th day that the grandchildren ( and their Mother) have not had school.  It will be interesting to see what Missouri decides to do about this. ( yes, I mentioned this before!)

We haven't been out and about after our stockpiling shop earlier...and probably won't either. I really don't want to slip .
So I have been bear making and needle felting more Easter eggs.

That was yesterday... today was somewhat better. Do love the sun !!  We had "chores"  -so a trip to the bank was completed and then off to Starbuck's for coffee with a friend. Her husband has alzheimers . Luckily she has someone who comes in and she gets a little respite.
Then off to Kohl's to use my coupons and 30% off on underwear for Bob and jeans for me.

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diane b said...

Glad that you had a better day today. I couldn't stand those freezing temperatures.