Sunday, March 10, 2019

Cool but sunny

It is SO-O-O nice to see the sun again. We are still cool ( 33 when we went out) but Bob says he can see that Spring is on its way with the change in shadow direction.

Talked him into a trip to the Disabled Vets drop off...  a charity shop... with 4 large bags of stuff. I have been de-cluttering my storage boxes. Deciding what I dan't want or need. The only problem being that it doesn't seem to make things look any better.  But at least the bags are no longer a hazard in my bedroom!

My daughter and I are going to JoAnn's fabric store later this afternoon. She is going to make a costume for her fundraising event in April. The theme is the '70's... John Travolta era. I haven't seen what she has in mind... yet!  She has started "pushing" for Bob and me to have costumes too... probably not!

 95% of the snow is gone... just a few piles from the snowplow or Bob's shoveling.. now all the leftover leaves are VERY visible.  BTW... the weatherman says 60 by midweek but then down somewhat.

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Joanne Noragon said...

It rained overnight, and the snow is gone. Yay.