Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Harper's training class

I went with my husband and daughter to Harper's training class... just as an onlooker since Harper is getting so big that I am a little nervous about getting tripped. She is still easily distracted but is catching on to commands and is very treat oriented. She will do quite a bit for a treat!! LOL The part of the class which is obstacle oriented - tunnels, ball pits, trampolines etc. - she is really into with very little hesitations.
The class really tires her out ... Harper spent the last part with her head on my lap waiting for her turn!!

I have been checking out the weather reports ... while the weather is warmer it will be wet and very windy especially to the west of us and north.  Flood watches and warnings are up along the Missouri, Mississippi and the smaller rivers that flow into them. Luckily we live in the higher area and not too close to the Missouri River.

BTW blizzard warnings are up in Nebraska... yuck.

Still decluttering...some to recycle, some to give away and some for the trash!
Bob sold a "Lord of the Rings" book on ebay for $40 plus shipping. He found a box, packed it up and headed off to the PO !  The book had Merry Christmas in with totally unfamiliar hand writing... no idea where it came from!!  LOL

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Joanne Noragon said...

I saw the Nebraska blizzard warning, and felt pretty bad. You stay safe!