Monday, March 18, 2019


Would you believe ... it was warm enough yesterday for my daughters and I to sit outside at Starbucks?? Time for a chat  !!

I am glad we live in the higher part of my area. The Missouri River is going over its banks nearby. One of the interstate highways is closed. The Amtrack train is closed on its route from St. Louis to Kansas City though it seems like the freights are still traveling but with delays of up to 5 hours due to congestion. The trains are avoiding the routes north of us through Wisc., Minn and Nebraska.

From what I read... the water is going over the levees but the bigger problem is the current. The water is going super fast.

On Saturday I went to my daughter's non-profit's small fundraiser. Bingo and raffles ... didn't win at Bingo but did win one of the raffles!!  A $75.00 gift card to a restaurant near to my daughter's office. I think Bob and I will use the card to take her out to lunch!!

Tonight is Harper training class night!!

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