Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fed Ex arrival

The Fed Ex man and his truck arrived at our front door this morning. We weren't expecting anything so...
The long flower box smelled wonderful as we "worked" on getting it open. Knife... scissors... etc.  and we finally managed to open it.
Surprise fresh flowers from my elder daughter and her husband!!  Followed the instructions and cut off the bottoms of the stems, added flower food and water!! Now we are waiting for them to "adapt". In the meantime the kitchen smells wonderful!

Pictures tomorrow...  BTW the flowers came from Ecuador !  A "fur piece" !

BTW today it was fall-like. Temps dropped to mid 60's. We have had off and on again rain showers too!  Who knows what is next!


Joanne Noragon said...

The flowers are lovely. And, I do believe, winter is next.

Kay said...

That is so wonderful! How very thoughtful of your daughter and son-in-law. I can imagine how wonderful it must smell. I love the sound of your cool temperatures too. We could use some here in Hawaii.