Tuesday, November 19, 2019

One oak tree

Bob has been blowing the acorns from our tree down the driveway so that he can scoop them up and using the paper yard waste bags get them into the yard waste bin. So hopefully the trash collector will take them away.
Boy those bags of acorns are heavy!  So far he has collected more than three huge bags!! And the driveway is covered again. It's like walking on marbles!! Except they crunch.
We park the car on the side of the driveway furthest from the tree but the acorns still hit the car roof with a resounding clunk!!
Who would have thought that one tree could make so many acorns!And why don't the squirrels eat them!?

Coincidence ???  Trying not to trip on the acorns ... who should just roll into my cul de sac but many many tree trimming trucks. They are going to trim and remove two of my neighbors trees. Bob is not home so I went out to talk to them and show them which of our trees need work. Got an estimate... and an idea what the trimmers would do.

One tree ... a maple that would take three people to put their arms around... would need extra work.

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Joanne Noragon said...

Squirrels bury them, to become hundreds of oak seedlings in your flower garden come spring.