Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dinner out and today's tasks

Our anniversary dinner out was a winner from the start. We found the restaurant... a parking spot and I didn't fall on the ice! And that was just the start. Blue Stem has a multiple course set dinner. We chose three : appetizer/salad, entree and dessert. Bob and I chose different things so we go to try each other's. We chose a salad, parsnip and green apple soup, beef and scallops, roasted bananas with a coffee shell, and orange and passion fruit with ice cream. Little tempting goodies came too and the French press coffee was great!!
Nice way to celebrate our 53rd!!

Today is warm but the forecast doesn't sound very good. More snow Friday and COLD COLD all next week . So I went off to the grocery store to restock. That's not Bob's favorite chore so he stayed home and did laundry ! Nice freshly made bed and folded clothes when I returned!!

Back out again this afternoon after receiving a phone call from the pharmacy saying my shingles vaccination had arrived. $47 co-pay and a second shot  and second co-pay in 3 to 6 months. I remember having chicken pox and that my grandmother caught it from me and was really really ill. So I decided a shingles vaccination was the right thing to do... as did my doctor.

Our driveway's ice has thawed... bet it will be frozen again by Friday!

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Joanne Noragon said...

I was vaccinated from top to bottom this last year. Pneumonia. Shingles. Flu. I feel like a walking fortress.
Congratulations on such a magnificent milestone. A lovely dinner, well earned.