Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Blurry blurry blurry

I had an 8 am appointment this morning for laser sugery on my right eye.  Evidently the bag supporting my new lens has gotten cloudy. So one today, the second next week.

Worried that our to be "huge" snowfall would make it trecherous to drive to the appointment - which was 1/2 hr away by Interstate.

The drive was fine... the surgery uneventful but everything is blurry. I have to practically put my nose to the computer monitor to read it.

I should tell myself to quit "b**ch**g ... it is getting better and I only have one floater.  The floater seems like a fly flitting around my visual field... sigh...

Being "old" is no picnic... another sigh!

Our big snowfall ( heavy wet snow about 4 inches deep)  is melting since the temp is up to mid thirties... Bob got  the driveway cleared..

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you can see better soon, floaters and blurry vision are so frustrating:(