Thursday, December 28, 2017


We don't mind snow ( hate ice though) but we have had several days of really cold weather with some moments of below zero Fahrenheit usually at night. Luckily we have loads of leftovers and a wonderful gas fired insert in the family room fireplace which adds to the natural gas furnace.

I went out today to go on a round robin trip... first to an estate sale , then Aldi's for fresh groceries and then Hobby Lobby to see if there was any tissue paper left.  Success at the estate sale and success at Aldi's ... not at Hobby Lobby... oh well.

I found some really cute very small Steiff animals ... monkey, duck, turtle, elephant and a squirrel. I may have to go back on Sunday, when the prices drop, to see what's left!!

Now is the time to thaw my very cold feet...walking on the cold cold ground sure didn't help!!
ps... will add photos later

Here they are !!  I think the tiny elephant is my favorite!  The little turtle is named "Slo"! Someone at Steiff had a sense of humor!!

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diane b said...

You got a good collection there.